was Hacked – Please Ignore previous post on “Unlock Iphone”


Its unfortunate ! – was hacked this evening and hacker was able to post 2 spammy post. It to me around 20 – 25 minutes before we came to know and deleted it.

Unfortunately, Google’s efficiency ensured that post was indexed by Google immediately and it also went to all the RSS readers and Email Subscribers.

Please ignore the 2 earlier posts related to “Unlock Iphone” – They were spammy !

As far as how the hacker managed to do it – He created a subscriber account and was able to post it. It is my fault, I delayed upgrading wordpress version, which had fixed this specific security hole.

I think this is a big lesson for me – Update the blog as soon as it is available or face consequences. Hopefully, I will not face this again.

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