Coke Vs Pepsi war begins


It’s summertime and same old rivalry has resurfaced- “Coca Cola Vs Pepsi”! It’s been decades since these Cold drink giants are fighting over Indian cold drink market share. First it was cold drink, then the fight extended for other sections like energy drinks, healthy snacks, namkeens etc. But I’m here to compare the strategies of both of these Colas and put forward my views and what should or shouldn’t work for any of these Cola giants-


It started with Fanta’s Holi ad for Coke, where Genelia De Souza was seen in a retro look. The ad was fresh and sent a clear message. For some reasons I had not been a Fan of Cola ads but this was unique and cool.

Just after this ad Coke’s another ad appeared on screens promoting Coca Cola and featuring Imran Khan. This ad really takes all the points away for its brilliant execution- be it the concept, the background score or the super cute looks of both Imran and the western lady.

Pepsi also started showing its new “Ranbir Kapoor” ad on TV, but with the same ‘Youngistan’ concept. I didn’t like it, ad is good but concept is too cliché now for Pepsi. The ad concept worked earlier as it was new and Coke didn’t have anything competitive.

Coke wins this ad war as for now. Let’s see how these two promote another products in time to come.


It was Pepsi first which understood varied needs of Indian taste and introduced various India centric products like ‘Kukure’ and ‘Lays with Indian flavours’ . On the other hand Coca Cola considered India as a regional outpost until last year, but after the economy toppled else where they should take India seriously from now on.

Now there are two other sections where they both are competing- energy drinks and Lemon water/mango juice/other juice. Pepsi entered into market with ‘Nimbooz’ which was success, and hence Coke is planning to launch ‘Minute Maid Nimbu Fresh’ this year. But in Mango drinks they both have strong market presence, ‘Mazaa’ and ‘Slice’ compete with Parle’s ‘Frooti’ in this segment.

Coke is also launched its energy drink ‘Burn’ last year to enter into the Rs 250 crore energy drinks market. This whole thing proves that Coke is finally getting its act right to become the number 1 Beverage player in India.

Brand Value:

Indira Nooyi has made tremendous efforts to make ‘Pepsi’ a brand for young generation in India. From sponsoring Cricket World Cups to hiring young Brand Ambassadors and making youth specific slogans, they have done a lot to make ‘Pepsi’ a true brand.

Coke on the other hand is still confused how to promote a single brand. They actually fail to unite brands like ‘Thums Up’ and ‘Coca Cola’ and these brands actually compete with each other. Coke needs to do a lot more to make people brand its other successful products like ‘Pulpy Orange’ . Until that happens Coke will struggle in India.

This is my point of view. Do you also think that Coke lags behind Pepsi in India? And do you think that Coke will be able to become a market leader in India in longer run?

  1. Khushi Natkhat Kapadia says

    I feel Pepsi Co. undoubtedly scores the Indian Market. More than the drinks, the snacks are the super favourites of youngistan. Kurkure, Uncle Chips and Lays! In the beverage dept. I'd personally go for Thums up and slice :)

    1. Meet M Jain says

      slice is a pepsi product ;)

    2. Khushi Natkhat Kapadia says

      Meet M Jain Yepp.. And thums up is Cocacola product.. I like a bit of both! :)

  2. Robin Nadar says

    nice in the world forever.

  3. alex says

    thx 4 the artical it was very helpful with my science project on coke vs pepsi.
    thx again,

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