30 Terabyte Hard-drive by an Indian – Gets offered 1.4 cr salary by Seagate !


Microsoft Founder Bill Gates once said (I admit it is so clichéd to quote this), “640K ought to be enough for anybody” – Even a 64 Gigabyte Hard-Disk is now looked down upon.

30 years since that statement was made, we are now looking at Hard-Disks that are 30 Terabyte in size (that is 30,000 GBs) using Nano-technology.


R. Shivaraman from Chennai holds an Indian patent jointly with C. Gopalakrishnan (also awaiting U.S Patent), for an innovation that enables a hard drive to hold a large amount of data – 30 terabyte (TB) – as against the current storage capacity of  average 500 gigabyte. [source]

Currently the technology for ultra-high data storage is already available and but what makes Shivaraman’s technology so unique is the time it takes to fabricate such ultra-high storage drives – Using his technology one can churn out 8 such hard-drives in a minute ! – Take That…

Here comes the sad part – R. Shivaraman is reportedly leaving Indian shores and joining U.S based Hard Disk manufacturer Seagate Technologies. They have reportedly offered him a salary of 1.4 crores !

To be honest it wouldn’t be prudent for me make a comment as I don’t know any further details – however, I can say this – India should do everything to nurture and retain such talent & innovations !

What are your thoughts?

  1. Sriram says

    As altaf said the US will make him useful and suck all the technology from him. Today his salary for his technological innovation is decided and quoted by himself as 1.4 crore of Indian rupee. In assumption he may work in U.S for different no of companies for ten years of his period or for his life time. Or he may do develop a company in India for manufacturing after some years. There is a need of developing and manufacturing hard drives by own manufacturers in India also to make it market as a good product without any issues with patent rights. Only decision is that he should take is way to develop a manufacturing unit in India alleast to use the Indian patent technology and he can withstand in India only with a single product manufacturing the 30TB hard disk drive. It is sure that he can earn all his wealth in India than US including money until otherwise the patented technology supports him. Because India is the marketing place and opposition of U.S can never beat indian technology like Samsung in china.
    The risk is the necessary for researcher to become a business man.

  2. Savage Garden says

    he is just awsome.

    1. Savage Garden Returns says


  3. Krishnendu Gain says

    anybody can help me to acknowledgement about indian price of 10terabyte(seagate).

  4. Anil Mahadev says


  5. murali says

    can u please post the detailed view Mr.shivaraman project so that we(the students) can able to enrich our knowledge.
    He must come back and start a new company

  6. Altaf Rahman says

    Probably Shivaraman did the clever thing by taking the offer. Nowadays technology is so fast, gadgets are getting smaller in size, bigger in capacity by the day.
    In 2006 I bought an external Hard disc of 80 GB cap and thought it will be enought for my next 10 yrs. In 2008 I bought another EHD of 250 GB. Now my friend bought a 1TB EHD.
    If Mr. Shivaraman planned to start his own business, by the time he got all licences / permits, some one might have come up with a 100 TB Hard drive and Shivaraman might have lost advantage.
    If he waited for any one with cash to start a unit, by the time he got such partnership, start production, 30 TB would have been breeched very fast.
    In US there is existing set up which can take advantage of his innovation.
    He got the attention of that US company with his invention and in right time took the attractive offer.
    Atleast he can keep earning salary for years to come (though the innovation is lost to US company)

    1. Praveen says

      Very rightly said by Altaf.. Shivaraman should join the US based company is the right choice for me too. Kudos!

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