Maruti 800 To Make Its Journey Into History Books,To Phase Out Of 13 cities


The dynamics of the consumer marketplace have changed phenomenally in the last few years.In this never ending pursuit to meet customer demand, the manufacturers have been forced to revisit their products and deliver new and better product variants every now and then.Now, the whole marketplace thrives on better and new products ever so frequently that it becomes very difficult to garner a long standing memory of a product.

However, there are a few which have an immense connect with the domain they belong to.These products are not even path breaking in the current timeframe but they continue to linger in our minds.

As is clear from the title, we are talking about the good ol Maruti 800 , the defacto car for the middle class families for a long time.Maruti 800 revolutionized the auto industry in India when owning a car was a dream for many.The car was an engineering genius of its time packing good amount of features in its relatively small frame and to beat it all, a very affordable price tag.So much so, that in a car market spoilt with choices, Maruti 800 has still managed to hold its fort for 26 long years.

But, a few months from now and Maruti 800 will finally be starting its journey into the history books.The government has imposed the new BS IV norms (equivalent of EURO IV) and the car manufacturers will be allowed to sell only EURO IV compliant vehicles in the four metros and the 9 major cities including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Agra and Surat.There were talks about M 800 being retired from 11 cities a few months back but it is indeed going to happen now.

The folks at Maruti have decided not to upgrade the current EURO III compliant M-800 to EURO IV and as a result of that, have decided to retire M-800.Maruti 800 has also suffered a steady decline in sales over the last few years and a considerable amount of competition has come from its own in house Maruti Alto which seems to be much in tune with the times in terms of technology and aesthetics.So, it might be a wise decision to retire the Maruti 800 in phases.

Maruti 800 IMO has truly been the car that made India drive.I still get nostalgic recalling that most of the cars that i saw on road during my childhood were indeed dominated by Maruti 800.Everything from the product features,price,marketing seemed perfectly connected to India and this is one thing i totally feel M 800 managed to stay on the road for 26 years and still counting.Maruti will continue selling its M 800 in other cities where the EURO IV norms have not been mandated.

However, i wonder if M 800’s retirement will make it even easier for the  path breaking ,super affordable Tata Nano.Nano has altered the affordability factor for cars by a few notches and with M 800 phasing out, its pricing will beat other car variants fair and square.

What do you think about the phasing out of M 800? What do you think made it go on and on for a good 26 years and still retain its charm.

  1. Kamini Sharma says

    i am also surpraise you are saying that maruti 800 complitant when it has a better alternative in Alto However, Nano might see a boost in sales since Alto is priced significantly higher then M800 , hence the buyer will be more than willing to opt for a Nano nowhence the buyer will be more than willing to opt for a Nano now

  2. says

    The Maruti 800 has been Maruti Suzuki’s flagship model until the Alto entered the motoring scene. The M800 has revolutionised the Indian car industry. It is sad that we are not going to see this iconic Indian car in the metros. Why does not Maruti Suzuki replace the engine of the Maruti 800?

    1. Ankit says

      I am actually surprised you are saying that :P Agree that there is some kind of emotinal attachment with M 800 but then it is not in tune with the current marketplace, is it.Why should Maruti invest in making M 800 compliant when it has a better alternative in Alto.Even with an engine upgrade, it wont help since M 800 sales have been disappointing

  3. Suhasini says

    Maruti 800 is solely responsible for complete turnaround of Indian car market and has given good business to the company so even if it goes out of the market then it is not going to effect many, as small cars like Alto, nano have already taken its place…..

    1. Ankit says

      Agree with you Suhasini, Maruti 800 helped the Indian middle class realize the dream of owning a car.
      M 800 is right in phasing out its oldest model, the car market has changed singinificantly and moreover, an inhouse Alto has taken over the best selling car.So, in a way Maruti aint losing a lot.It did not make a lot of biz sense to continue the production.
      However, Nano might see a boost in sales since Alto is priced significantly higher then M800 , hence the buyer will be more than willing to opt for a Nano now

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