20 Mbps Broadband From MTNL , Too Good To Be True


High Speed Internet Connectivity in India might as well be called an Oxymoron.Despite the larger than life claims from the Service providers, the broadband speeds have been rather sub standard or even if they deliver on the speed , the uptime and the pricing negate the effect.

We keep pondering over why E-Commerce has not taken off in India , and one basic answer lies in the below par connectivity.The service providers are upbeat about their plans and they market their seemingly Fastest Broadband connections like there’s no tomorrow.Risking generalization, i think its safe to assume that most of us have complains from our Internet Service Provider.


So, when MTNL announces a whopping 20 Mbps broadband speed , one wonders if someone out there is actually doing something about it.Before we get into the details, here is the new plan as proposed by MTNL for its new broadband connection.

MTNL VDSL Broadband combo will be Mumbai’s first 20 mbps the fastest Broadband service connection which is specially tailored for corporate houses and it comes at monthly rental of Rs.9000 with Free Downloads of 18 Gb per month

Fastest alright but then isn’t it targeted specifically for the enterprise sector.Now, when you compare a 20 Mbs line with a company Internet Leased line, there is actually no comparison at all.Moreover , the plan does not actually make a lot of sense for the retail customer like you and me.The price is too high and the download limit of 18 Gb though pleasing at first sight again is no good. With a promised 20 Mbs speed , how soon will i consume my 18 GB download limit? Yes, you are right. In no time at all. To be specific , in around 16 minutes. This is funny and embarrassing at the same time much like all other broadband plans thrown at the consumer.

It make me wonder , if a reasonably priced high speed broadband is too much to ask for.I want to put this high in my list of must haves for the year 2010 :-)

What do you think are the barriers to providing a reasonably priced uninterrupted broadband connectivity in India? Is it due to lack of technology/ infrastructure or is it an operational issue on the part of service providers.Share your thoughts and let’s hope that the new year brings with it hopes of a REAL high speed broadband.

  1. Atul Navadiya says

    Sadly It's true but India does suck in Broadband & 3G!

  2. Prathamesh says

    I really dont understand this unlimited- limited thing going around in India, and it is so typical..in other countries people just pay for the speed they want, and there is very little mention of data usage.. gawd knows why they introduced these stupid limits here.. its just not going to work.. im pushing 10 GB per month atm, and im not even a heavy user, and by global standards my usage is plain pathetic.. they are going to have to lighten up soon.. i mean in the age of HD the service providers are offering plans for 1 GB per month data maximum (an HD movie is at least 4GB).. really is pathetic.. the internet is meant to be used, and that means data transfer, stop putting limits on it :P
    (im cribbing for no reason, have unlimited lol, but really its irritating looking at the skewed pricing and sad service with a the worst speed possible, cause of which i cant even download things that i want cause its irritating waiting for them to download)

  3. Nayan says

    Hi Arun and ankit,

    I really do agree the pricing is bit on the higher side. May be they are skimming the market. Its not just broadband.. its visible even in the EVDO, or 3G(MTNL/BSNL) as well. A normal user would never go for such plans. I wud never pay 500 bucks to get around 400Mb on the 3G network…

    I feel the reason is the Operating costs and the infrastructure issues as well. For Eg the 3G fees for a service provider is too high, so they have to keep high prices to cover the costs and we lack proper technology and infrastructure to maintain upto the committments. Rather infrastructure can be skilled technicians and engineers as well.

    Its still time when India clocks a high Internet density unlike its Telecom density (though its repeated customers).

    Am a regular reader of trak.in.. Gr8 job guys !!

    Nayan Dharamshi

    1. Ankit Agarwal says

      Hi Nayan,
      I second ur thought! I agreee that the operating costs can be an issue.However, there are takers who will pay this premium to get access to the latest technology and high bandwidth.The biggest problem here is the post sales service.These companies never deliver on their promises and thts where the pricing goes for a toss.
      Hence, when they know they cant deliver the goods, they should not make those claims and charge a preimium.They have no rights to take the customer for a ride.
      Thanks for being a regular reader and offering kind words.It is readers like you who make it worth it:-)

  4. Vijay Rana says

    Dear Arun and Ankit

    You are right, it is exploitative – 20 mbps at Rs 9,000 per month, i.e £116 a month. Here in UK 18 mbps is available for £25 or Rs 1900 per month with unlimited downloads.

    That’s the problem of India, starting from McDonald burger to Nike shoes, India has got everything but most Indians cannot afford it. For example Mc’s meal deal at £2.99, even the poorest here can afford to have every day ( though I would never recomment it.) or Nike shoes for your young son starting from £20, everyone can have. Prosperity for a few is surely not a good thing to have, it creates social tension and national unhappyness that you can see from naxal infested India to Telangana.

    Anyway, I love to read your articles that give me a fair snapshot at the ICT front.

    A very happy new year

    1. Ankit says

      A very happy new year to u too Vijay.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      I am afraid i do not complete agree with the comparison.India is a relatively late entrant into the industrial revolution and it is not fair to compare it with U.K. .With the kind of infrastructure in place and a early industry growth, U.K. , U.S. will always be ahead of the game.
      Pricing is going to remain a concern.Especially with the McDonalds,Nike example that u have given, they are foreign brands so there will be a relatively luxurious price tag when they come to India.

      My grouse with the ISP’s is that they play with the sentiments with false marketing.With all the claims of high speed connectivity, they deliver the poorest service and support.Charging a premium is justified to a certain extent but not delivering on the promise is disgusting.That’s what the Indian ISP”s are good at doing.They need to keep the pricing simple without any exhorbiant claims and then provided the promised services.

      Glad that you like the coverage of ICT at trak, though there are other sectors covered extensively too.it is always good to have participative readers.
      Look forward to seeing more of you on trak

  5. Phani Raj says

    may be its time we need physical infrastructure(affordable high speed intercity train connectivity) than high speed internet connectivity.

  6. Vishal Sanjay says

    its awesome, but the rate isn’t, maybe i’ll start using it when it comes to 3000 bucks, currently its almost double of my monthly earnings.

    1. Ankit Agarwal says

      he he he.. The idea is that even at 3000 you will use up your download limit in less than hour an hour.After that, ur use will be charged.So, in the end it is going to turn out to be super expensive

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