Innovation on a Shoestring


WOW ! one of the better 10 minutes I spent in last few days – and it was spent watching and listening to a video Interview of Scott Anthony, president of Innosight, created by Harvard Business. I got to get my hands on that recently released Book – “The Silver Lining”, An innovation playbook for Uncertain times.

Here are some of the Gems I picked up from this short Video

  • Innovation is not a Nicety, but a necessity !
  • If you choose not to innovate during these uncertain times, you are sowing the seeds of destruction.
  • Before you start innovating, you have to make sure that your house is in order.
  • To start doing new things, you got to stop doing some of the old things.
  • Concentrate on Ideas that have most potential – Let go some of the other ones that have lesser potential.
  • Make innovation a process – To innovate you need discipline
  • Find partners in ideating and innovation, reduce the risk.
  • (For Individuals) Intentionally start night & weekend activity that exposes you to ambiguity
  • Expose yourself to different ways of thinking which allows your mind to make connections that you thought were not possible
  • Tap into your network – look for people who think creatively

This is a MUST WATCH video and I think no one should miss it – and if you get your hands on that book, make sure you buy it.

Wasn’t it probably the best 10 minutes you spent !

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