From AC cabs to public buses, IT employee’s fate is hanging by a very fine thread


Longer working hours, sabbatical options, cost saving measures are the things we have seen already. We felt like it cannot get any better. But, now we got one more thing to talk about. IT companies in Pune are pushing their employees to use public transportation.

There was an email forward sometime back which shows the houses of different people working in different profession’s. It covers from doctor to a real estate agent to an IT professional. Needless to say, the doctor and the real estate agent are living in mansions and the IT guy is living in a hut.

That email came a tad too early for anyone to realize what recession really meant. Now comes the big picture. Companies are requesting employees to come by public transport. I pre-empted this move and sold my car and now using public transportation. It turned out to be an excellent decision.

Infosys Technologies, for instance, recently placed a request with Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Ltd (PMPML), the local public transport body in Pune, for an additional 20 buses to ferry its staffers from all over the city to its office locations in Hinjewadi. Infosys already has 16 PMPML buses operating for its staffers for some time. (MSN)

The positive side of this whole story is, less fuel will be burnt. Good news for the government and the bus manufacturer’s. This will also drive up demand for buses. If you are looking for one good reason to buy Nano, this might be it.

Now, I am want to ask our readers something. When the recession wanes off would the AC cabs come back?

  1. Vivek says

    good decision, we should aim for better public transport and not have everybody follow the US way of driving to office in their own car. Not just for IT companies, but for everyone, we need to have better infrastructure in terms of roads, buses, metro etc. This shoudl be #1 priority for all city planners and administrators.

  2. shivaranjan (Shivaranjan ) says

    From AC cabs to public buses, IT employee’s fate is hanging by a very fine thread

  3. Karan says

    I am glad that you have welcomed this move. In a way this is very good. he private sector should not try and invest and improve bus and train services across India. In return they can reduce salaries a bit so people don’t need to spend on petrol. I would love traveling by an AC Bus and Train to work every single day.

    I think this post speaks very well to me about how in the past we were all being brainwashed into buying expensive cars. I am thinking of selling mine too.

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