$10 computer in 6 months. Designed and developed by IISC Bangalore and IIT Madras


Am I excited? Hell ya. You don’t get anything for $10. Not even a mobile. A computer for $10 that is some serious progress. Desktop, laptop, netbook and now a $10 laptop. What do you call it?

We have blogged about this $10 laptop way  back in 2007. Nothing has happened since then. Now it surfaced back and the deadline is less than 6 months. Technology for these devices is provided by IISC Bangalore and IIT Madras.  The computers are being tested right now to make them commercially viable.

Computer will be a small package with expandable memory, LAN and wi-fi facilities. No other details like the RAM or the operating system are provided. But considering the low memory footprint of the device I am guessing it would be a variant of Linux and derives much of its information from the Internet.

There are 3 trends here:

  1. The computing is getting cheaper which is pushing both the hardware and software. This is a godsend for the open source and Linux especially.
  2. The connectivity and dependence on the Internet. There has been a lot of buzz around the web operating systems and this low cost computer with a very low memory is just one more step closer to that.
  3. All the systems from now on will be wi-fi enabled.

I just blogged about how farmers can activate a pump-set from a remote location by just calling on a mobile. Now, this is targeting at the grassroots level. The children. A computer in the hands of children can make wonders. These $10 laptops will be equipped with e-content material which will enable the goal of a Virtual Technological University.  (source)

We sure are living in exciting times.

PS: This comes as an anti-climax for my India vs China Innovation post.

  1. Sriram Vadlamani says

    @Rishi : I don’t get the fuss about the OLPC. Last I heard it ran into some sort of trouble. Having said that, we just have to wait and see how this $10 laptop pans out. They are still searching for companies to mass produce it.

    @Karthick : Forgot to add the source. I will update the post.
    Here we go : http://www.livemint.com/2009/01/29144421/Computers-at-10-to-be-availab.html

  2. Karthick says


  3. Rishi says

    Hi Sriram,

    I don’t get it. If this is actually true, then why all the fuss about OLPC? What am I missing?

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