Can blogging land you a job?


I read this really un-interesting  piece from BS. The title read : Blogging could ‘even’ land you a job. First thing which caught my attention is the word ‘even’. I found that word condescending. It sounds like among other fun and silly things, blogging can do something serious like landing you a job.

blogging_Sue_Richards I overcame my anguish over the title and made my way through the rest of the article. My intention was to find if it can really land a job. I was looking for a story of sorts where a potential employer hired a blogger by following his blog. Instead, what I found was a humongous post about blogging.

It talks about the how blogger’s earn money through 3rd party advertising like Google adsense and affiliate marketing. It continuously talks about some blogs like alootechie and medianama and how they are earning money. Don’t we know that already?

Of course, it has mentioned about Amit Agarwal’s Digital Inspiration. But, there is a little mention about companies looking for blogger’s to hire for research and consultancy positions. That is buried deep down in the article. Now, I can go on a rant about BS misleading me into the article and not adding value for my time.

Instead, let me open this for our readers. I know many of our readers are avid blogger’s. So, let me ask the real question which Business Standard shied away from answering.

Can blogging land you a job? By job I mean not another blogging job but a research or a consultancy position or any other position.

*Image source : Sue Richards via flickr.

  1. Vaibhav Dugar says

    this question is worth a ‘post’ and a debate too.. on my personal front, during interviews, the interviewee has checked my blog, only to be impressed.. an impression only creates an interest in me and finally hiring me.. it also tells the interviewee that i have varied interests.. which only goes in my favor..

    if i were conducting the interview, i wud love to go thru the persons blog and know a lot more about him/her than just those few minutes spent examining him/her. it will help me in my careful discretion and study of the person.
    for an interviewee, it can be his added sheath of Armour !

  2. Balaji N., India says

    I want to see the proof. Did any of us actually landed in a job, through the blogs posted by us? Had any one contacted you with an offer, ever?

  3. Phani says

    Blogging can land you a job. I have a personal blog and a developer by profession.
    I have got interview calls for developer positions from few startups based on my blog. So blogging can land you a job.

  4. Ajay says

    Haven’t heard about a job, but I just found out that there’s a writer who landed a book contract. Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan of the (apparently popular)blog has a book out now – You are here. I found about the blog from the book though.

  5. prem says

    Lot of blogger ended up in good job but there are serious bloggers and even there blog titles it self rise once eye brow.

    Blog is very powerful even it may read by your own employer, if you rewritten something fizzy about your employer in your personnel blog, the same blog will help you to lose your job.


  6. shyam says

    It can infact land you a job, if you really have something to offer to the company in question. Like if some one writes on a technology blog, he might be getting a job from any s/w or h/w company.It can happen to anyone.

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