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How much carbon footprint do you leave when you are shifting? My guess is none of us has thought about it. Well there is someone who thought about it. The folks at have thought about it and built a business around it. Their solution is simple. Make it online. I am yet to find a business idea which cannot leverage the Internet. Easytolet is one startup which takes it to the next level.

If their stats are anything to go by Average India spends 1.5 liters of petrol per day in search of rental properties. I liter petrol produces 2.331 kgs of carbon.  It takes an average of 40 days to settle. That would be 139.86 kgs of carbon for your search. Easytolet promises to reduce this by 80%. Without even questioning the stats provided, I can easily say that it is both noble and innovative.

Easytolet provides end-to-end services from looking for a house to finding a school admission for your kid. It will also take care of your phone connection, DTH, Broadband etc… Users can also look at the pictures of the house’s if the pictures were uploaded by the respective owners. Logic here is simple. Take a look at the house before you go there. So you know what to expect. Thus reducing the number of trips. The success of this model is largely dependent on the adoption. Owners should post the pictures of houses so that people looking for a house know what to expect before making that costly trip. I looked up for a rental property in Bangalore and did not find many properties with pictures. It is a known fact that properties with pictures are sold faster on the real estate websites.

Another thing Easytolet does is collecting the old items (like toys, clothes etc..) and giving it to poor. We all buy stuff we don’t need and only while moving do we realize that. It is a wow factor. “Did we have this all along?”. What would you do with that stuff? It is thrown away using the existing improper channels. Easytolet provides a way to disburse it to poor in an appropriate way. That’s 2 birds for one shot. One is helping the poor and the other is saving the environment.

Environment alone is not a sustainable business model. Easytolet charges the house owners for the value-added services. There is also a subscription charges from top 10 relocation service providers in each category. Advertising and co-sponsoring are other revenue generators. It has 50+ customers and around 5 lakhs in revenues.

In a age where everybody is talking about global warming and going green, easytolet has the set itself apart from the competition by making environment their unique selling point. It talked about the environment when none of us haven’t even thought about the impact a re-location can cause. I am really impressed by the idea.

Should easytolet get any carbon credits for this?

Disclaimer : I did not use their service yet, and don’t know of anyone who has done that.

  1. Abhishek says

    Very good thought by easy to-let. They are the competitor for our business then also I must say they are also doing good job.

  2. Vikas says

    Thanks for providing such data about pollution. In these days we have so many real estate domains and they save our time and money. is also one of them. you can see picture,videos,floor plans,relative document is owner provided on site. Here you can also see the location of property on google map as well as near by locations. So i think its great site for you if you are searching a property.

  3. Sumedh says

    This is a very interested take on real estate domain…!

  4. Samir Raiyani says

    What an unfortunate name! I keep reading it as “easy toilet”.

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