Startup / Entrepreneur Resources: Full contacts details for Angel Investors, VC’s and incubators !


Here is a great resource for startups or entrepreneurs who are looking for investment for his startup.

NEN Online recently released a comprehensive list of Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, incubators, tech parks and even startup recruiting firms. The list offers entrepreneurs full details including the names, contact numbers, URLs, email IDs and URLs.

NEN Contact list for startups and Entrepreneurs:

Angel’s List
Angels (20)

Entrepreneurship Course (14)

Govt Fund (23)

Incubator List (44)

Industry Related
Industry Association (224)

List Of Banks
List of Banks (11)

Private Global List
Private (30)

Private Indian List
Private List (39)

Recruiters (19)

  1. surendra says

    sir please send me contacts list of angel investor of India

  2. kumar says

    links are not working, could someone please correct it?


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  4. Denish says

    check above links it does not open

  5. dino says

    Thanks for the valuable information.I am an aspiring entrepreneur and this will help a lot.

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