Top Indian Private Engineering colleges of 2008


Outlook India recently released the top 35 Private Engineering Colleges of India. As this blog is visited by lot of students, I thought it would be very helpful for them.

I had also published the Top 50 Private Engineering colleges of 2007, so students can also compare which colleges haves risen in the ranking and the ones that have not done well.

The change in rankings is mainly due to the change in Weightage for various different parameters, like Infrastructure this time is has been given a Weightage of 650 which is much higher than the one given last year.

methodology for rankings remain the same like last time. Here are the meaning of abbreviations.

  • IC: Intellectual Capital (600)
  • PS: Pedagogic systems (200)(the art or science of teaching; instructional methods)
  • II: Industry Interface (300)
  • PP: Placement Performance (300)
  • I: Infrastructure and Facilities (650)
  • GT: Grand Total (2150)

Top 35 private engineering colleges of 2008


Name of  Institute City IC II I PP PS GT
1 BITS Pilani 364 191 435.8 302.2 171 1464
2 PSG College of Technology Coimbatore 253 158 412.9 257.5 120 1201
3 BIT, Mesra Ranchi 256 68 435.7 257.2 170 1187
4 Thapar University Patiala 269 73 452.9 231.3 120 1146
5 VIT University Vellore 264 67 400.5 178.8 135 1045
6 Manipal Inst. of Technology Manipal 214 74 388.9 219.9 124 1020
7 Dhirubhai Ambani Inst. of Information & Comm. Tech. Gandhinagar 208 76 328.8 250.2 148 1011
8 RV College of Engineering Bangalore 247 83 315.4 230.3 120 995
9 SSN College of Engineering Chennai 221 62 362.2 221.7 122 989
10 SASTRA Thanjavur 258 64 373 178.3 108 981
11 PES Inst. of Technology Bangalore 233 65 323 216.4 130 967
12 Amity School of Engg & Tech. Noida 179 64 387 217 116 963
13 Karunya University Coimbatore 200 50 376.1 192.2 112 930
14 Nirma Univ. of Science & Technology Ahmedabad 181 66 345.5 211.8 125 929
15 BIT, Sindri Dhanbad 169 54 361.3 242.9 100 928
16 Mepco Schlenk Engineering College Sivakasi 214 56 348.4 189.9 118 926
17 Inst. of Technology & Management Gurgaon 215 63 303.3 215.7 128 925
18 KIIT University Bhubaneshwar 191 51 344.7 228.2 108 923
19 ICFAI Institute of Science & Technology Hyderabad 178 76 324.9 214.2 128 922
20 Kongu Engineering College Erode 228 68 344 179.3 102 921
21 Amrita School of Engineering Coimbatore 195 51 367.4 212.1 88 914
22 MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology Bangalore 239 49 312 214 99 913
23 Bangalore Inst. of Tech. Bangalore 193 73 321.1 178.6 135 901
24 Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Engg College Vijayawada 210 56 326.9 188.9 118 900
25 GITAM Inst. of Technology Visakhapatnam 190 52 352.1 189.6 106 890
26 Hindustan College of Engineering Kancheepuram 191 55 354.4 180 96 877
27 Sona College of Technology Salem 237 49 335.5 170.5 84 876
28 Babu Banarasi Das National Inst. of Tech. & Mgmt Lucknow 142 52 344 232.7 104 874
29 Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology Hyderabad 177 54 317.5 210.1 106 864
30 Sreenidhi Inst. of Science & Technology Hyderabad 193 57 296.4 195.4 118 860
31 BMS Inst. of Technology Bangalore 166 56 292.5 215.3 122 852
32 Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering Nagpur 178 57 359.7 159.1 96 850
33 Shri Ramdeo Baba KN Engg College Nagpur 197 44 313 187.4 104 845
34 Galgotia’s College of Engineering & Technology Noida 178 48 336.1 174.9 102 840
35 Vishwakarma Institute of Technology Pune 198 54 269.4 201.9 114 837
Some private engineering colleges, ranked in the Top 35 in 2007, did not respond to the Outlook-Synovate survey this year. These include VJTI, Mumbai; The Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai; SJ College of Engineering, Mysore; Sathyabhama Engineering College, Chennai; National Institute of Engineering, Mysore and the Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan

Best of Luck for your admissions !

  1. Harsimran Singh says

    is ABES Gaziabad a good engg college?

  2. Krishnaprasad Mahakud says

    I think that a private institute is better for study for a student.

  3. kannan says

    johnbosco is waste of engineering college so dont go to joint

  4. Deependra Raiya says

    pagal lagte ho.

  5. pawan kumar gupta says

    what is the rank of oist bhopal in india private collage

  6. jagandeep singh gujral says

    sis ,what is the rank of amity noida

    1. Aditya kumar says

      Sis what rank in amity nodia

  7. vijay lodhi says

    sir, what is the rank of lovely proffesional universirty

  8. ANKESH GOYAL says

    sir, what is the rank of lovely proffesional universirty

  9. manoj says

    i am manoj from hyderabad. i completed inter with 95% of marks.i have not write EAMCET well. i am not intended to join in unreputed kindly tell me another way. or tell me is it better to join in private college or take one year long term coaching for AIEEE &BIT-SAT&EAMCET

    WAITING FOR Yrs reply
    thank you

  10. pravesh dahibhate says

    hi i studying in acharya institute of technology, bangalore
    i want to know the ranking of my college in india(current ranking)
    kindly send.

  11. ishan sharma says

    please provide me with ranking o sviet chandigarh at banur

  12. happy says

    hello ,
    i just wanted to tell you about my experience regarding reading these types of so called”rankings”…this is crap.these surveys are not real and r basis of money spend by colleges for there promotions….there r many college s like jiit noida(jaypee),lmnit jaipur which r comparable with daict and thapar even r progressing more than them r not in the list and many colleges which even do not have good placements,infrastructure,faculty are taken into rankings…. i request people that if you are thinking of joining any institute based on rankings than you may suffer best is talk to students studing there through social networking sites or blogs to know more about the colleges

  13. bappy says

    hello.i m a stdnt frm bangladesh.i want to do bachelor in aerospace/mechanical eng in india.can any1 suggest me about any instituion in india which is best for engineering program in private university sector.

  14. nitesh kumar says

    imformation of mit pune

  15. neeraj kumar verma says

    hi author
    on going through your top 35 ranked i am shocked due to the mising of sathyabama university in your list

  16. Rakesh Sharma says

    can u pls let me know about engg. colleges in delhi & their ranking…….

  17. Akash shah says

    I am Akash from gujarat. Can you please give me information about the Dharmsinh Desai university (DDIT) of nadiad , and also about IT field and its future scopes… please..

  18. R.C.MITTAL says

    what is the rank of Bharti Vidyapeeth,Pune amongst Engg.Colleges In India?

  19. roshan says

    hi….can any1 give me the information about DR.MGR university Chennai,i wnt to put my younger bros in it,plz its a request …thanks…roshan

  20. vemkat says

    hi author, have u forgot about the srm was ranked 19 last year but this time its not in the list.
    many seniors and professors told me that these rankings are money based and u proved it. hats off to u.

  21. subrahmanyam says

    please give me the information about university of petrolium studies at deharadoon and what about the plasements and wether the university is approved by AITEC of not

  22. rock says

    Worst most Engineering college is AMACE at Vadamavandal near Kanchipuram.Here seperates diploma students and regular students seperately and harrazes the diploma students. No care on students. Especially in ECE. No HOD. All saturday holiday. No proper classes. Strikes regularly.

    Miss. Shyamati, Miss Sulochana, Mrs Malashi, Mrs Girija were the lectures mainly craeting problems. Most of the students were also not willing to study. Trust is not at all calling parents meeting or such activities.
    Trust wants money only.They are not interested about students.
    Humble request to the diploma students: Dont select AMACE for your higher studies, because it is a worst college.

  23. akriti says

    i am very confused which college is the best coz im unable to know about the placements of tamil nadu colleges. which one is the best college in tamil nadu? last year it was satyabhama and this year its not in the list so what should i do now ? should i choose coll from the given list or should i choose it from the comments written below?

  24. Rahul k.B. says

    What is the ranking of vinayaka mission kirupananda variyar engineering college,salem ?It should me included in top 35 list.

  25. Ravindran says

    Hey Rajesh,
                    U shd not comment Sona by considering only one person from that coll….Pls keep mind if all students r genius then that coll would be in first position…Hope u got d ans for ur question….now u shd accept that the survey is correct……and one more info is Sona has been ranked as 10th among engg colleges in Tamilnadu…
    pls do  refer this link—>

  26. Rajesh Kumar T says

    Rajesh Kumar T Sona college is not so good as how it is ranked. it is the one of the worst college in tamil nadu. I have one friend (Ravi Kumar P) who did his B.E(Mech) in SONA.
    he even does not know what Newton’s third law is. it clearly shows the quality of teaching in SONA.
    I dont agree with this survey. It would be acceptable if sona is not ranked among top 35.Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  27. Rajesh Kumar T says

    Sona college is not so good how it is ranked. it is the one of the worst college in tamil nadu. I have one friend (Ravi Kumar P) who did his B.E(Mech) in SONA.
    he even does not know what Newton’s third law is.
    I dont agree with this survey. It would be nice if sona is not ranked among top 35.

  28. parikshit singh says

    itm is one of yhe the best college in ncr and improving dayby day with a excellent placement record during last years

  29. ARJUN says

    Last year Sathyabama University was ranked at 21 & this time its not even in this list of top 35 inspite of it being accredited with B++ grade by NAAC (Which is the highest grade given to private engg colleges by NAAC).

    I think Sathyabama University should be in the top 10 colleges in the country as it is the best engg college in Chennai city & comes within top 5 in South India.

  30. Arpy jain says

    Heya. . IcfAi TECH IS IMPROVING day by day in ranking but wat abt placments yar i heard its placments r nt gud . . Not even 50% . . So plz help me out on this. . .Studies r gud faculty is gud. . .Bt wat abt plcments yar

  31. sunil sheth says

    in gujarat da-iict abd nirma are among 1st 15th–tahts good—for gujarat students as from this year da-iict keeps 50 % seats fro gujarat students thro aiee ranings and nirma has allredy 15 % seats for gujarat students thro aieee and guj  board restults–so keep it up gujj u students

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