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For 5th year in a row Salary increase in India has been highest in the world touching nearly 15% this time. Are you one of those who have salary in the top bracket or are you reeling at the bottom on the rung?

In a quest to find out the truth about Indian salaries (specifically for B-School students), Amit Puri, one of our regular readers has embarked upon taking an anonymous survey that will span across all Top Indian B-Schools to find out who are the best pay masters and who are not.

Here is a request from Amit:

One of the pertinent topics that most of us MBAs discuss/deliberate/ponder upon is “Salary”.

How many times have you struggled to figure out if you are being underpaid?

How many times have you deliberated moving across sector or function because that one seemed to be paying irrationally more than your own?

How many of you quit the day you found out that your company was discriminating (non performance based) between you and your peers?

And then how many of you have been afraid to ask around because you have been advised “not to ask/share/tell”?

Well, the truth is that the word gets around anyway, but it often gets twisted/misplaced/manipulated in the process and some of us don’t seem to be in the recipient list.

So, I am making a humble attempt to get the truth out by taking an anonymous survey that will span across all Top Indian B-Schools to find out who are the best pay masters, Which Sector/function is raking in the moolah, Is it cash or HR creativity hidden behind the CTC, Does location and changing jobs actually matter?

Since this survey is purely out of self interest and to help the trampled (yet affluent) masses, I do not intend to google, cut-copy-paste, make dummy MR feedback forms but am relying on all of you to send me honest answers. I hope you will spread the word around in our community and make this initiative a great success.

HR Fraternity…Before you shower me with the choicest of curses…hold on…ponder over the initiative (it is not to make your job harder but to prevent unnecessary attritions in your organizations)…and type out your own responses.

And finally, here are the simple questions. I guarantee that this will not take more than 30-40 seconds to type and send out.

Go ahead and take the survey.



  2. md khalid raza says

    i want to locate top b school in india

  3. Kashif says

    Hi Amit,

    Its a good survey…would appreciate if you can share the names of the highest paying companies and industries with me once you are done with analysing the survey.

    Do let me know incase I can be of any help to you.


    [email protected]

  4. Amit Puri says

    Due to the overwhelming response, the survey site stopped accepting new responses (exceeding the limit) unless membership to the site was converted to a paid membership. To counter the problem, a duplicate survey has been created and the old link has been replaced with a new one. You can take the survey now.

  5. ghosh says

    Survey is closed informs the link when clicked upon!

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