Its official! Indians have better entrepreneurial skills than Chinese


In a first of its kind survey conducted by US based executive search firm Korn/Ferry, it is found that Indians have far better entrepreneurial skills than their Chinese counterparts.

I am sure that many will not be surprised by this survey given the way Indian entrepreneurs are going about doing their business. A brief look at the recent mergers and acquisitions will give you a glimpse of what Indian entrepreneurs are capable of. Although, far behind North American counterparts, Indian entrepreneurs fare better than our chinese neighbors.

The survey concluded that Indian entrepreneurs have strong language skills and live in a society that encourages entrepreneurship. This was cited as one of the many reasons why Indians move up and occupy top positions in nations across the world.

Indian leaders are on par with “Best-in-Class” leaders from the West when it comes to strategic thinking. What’s more, when the Indian assessments were compared against Korn/Ferry’s data on Chinese executive leadership styles, the Indian leaders ranked as far more strategic, demonstrating a tendency to take a longer-term, holistic, and analytical view of their businesses.

The survey also concluded that Indians are less social but more task-oriented and hierarchical compared to the top leaders in North America. But Chinese leaders are not very entrepreneurial and very hierarchical. They do not adapt easily to other cultures and are wary of taking risks. [source]

  1. MBA in Gujarat, India says

    Of course why not.. The Indians are much socialized everywhere according to the field so was sure about this..

  2. Henry L. says

    In malaysia where it’s 1/3 chinese 1/3 indians 1/3 malays. It’s the chinese that’s by far more entrepreneurial. So much so that the Malaysia government often target Chinese business to suppress. Indians on the other hand are the doctors and lawers. Also, if you look at SE asia, Chinese are the minority but they command the majority of the business.

  3. Sushmita Kumar says

    Very true. Indians have very good entrepreneurial skills because of certain unique Indian qualities. They are very good analytical & strategic thinkers, take measured risks, very task oriented and posses very sociable and flexible attitudes, and always look at long term results.

  4. Jagannath A says

    sensible comment from yogesh… I heard in a seminar by ppl from sundaram fasteners in chennai. they said u can setup a manufacturing plant in a few days time in china.. if it was in India it would take years they said.. such is the condition :(


  5. Yogesh "Happionaire" Chabria says

    The reason we Indians are more entrepreneurial is because we are more in need to be so. Our government does not support industry the way the Chinese does. It is a necessity.


  6. sulaksmi says

    No I think its about the way Indians Grow. Their upbringing has a major hand in their thinking.

  7. Jagannath A says

    hmm thats because Indians are more cocky and like to boss over everyone lol j/k :D

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