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The mobile subscriber numbers in India are growing at more than 90% year on year. A recent TRAI survey showed that current mobile subscribers stands at more than 200 million. Interestingly more than 30 million of these subscribers have GPRS / internet access on their mobiles.

Now with that kind of numbers, it is a huge potential market for any business targeting these 30 million .

MagicBricks, one of the leading Indian real-estate portal launched a mobile version of their site- MagicBricks mobile. They are supposedly the First Indian mobile property portal. The users need to download a small application on their GPRS enabled phone and search for properties by property type, budget, and city. They can also view further details of property listings from their cell phones itself.

Magic Bricks Mobile

The important question however is, how successful will this launch be?

Lets get into the shoes of prospective buyer. When a user is looking for a property, will he go on his mobile and check the listings or would he prefer to see it on his PC, shortlist and only then venture out of the house. I think in most cases, the latter will true, however, MagicBricks mobile may be useful when a person is in the vicinity and wants to find out some other properties in that area.

So I would say, it complements their existing portal quite well and for MagicBricks, it serves as a USP and they can call themselves ‘India’s first mobile property portal’.

  1. sumit kamboj says

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  2. dr kamboj says

    dear friends
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  3. Cash buyers says

    Its one thing that they have come up with the idea but how many people will be buying it ? Will they be able to afford it? The indian market is very volatile so you cannot be sure about the pickup

  4. Yash says

    It's amazing that has come up with such hi-tech real estate solution. Great Going.

  5. googledegook says

    The businesses today are all out to attract customers and hence websites like Magic Bricks are creating mobile-centric versions to target the mobile phone users. It must be remembered that the net penetration in India is still very low and more people access the web using their mobile phones rather than their pc. The best part about net on the mobile (WAP if I’m not mistaken) is that the user can do access the net even while traveling .

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