: A truly simple online bus ticket booking service

25 completed one year since their launch last week. I came across this site very recently, and was impressed from the word go.

RedBus Logo | Bus Booking Service What is

It is a an online bus ticket booking service based out of Bangalore. They operate in the same space as ticketvala and IndiaBusticket. The hallmark of Redbus is the simplicity of their online offering.

Who is behind Redbus ?

redBus is an innovation from Pilani Soft Labs Pvt. Ltd. The company is setup by BITS-Pilani alumnus with the vision to innovate for everyone’s convenience.

The technical team of redBus is a group of graduates from BITS-Pilani, one of the best Engineering institutes in the country and the marketing is headed by an IIM-B Alumni. With work experience in various companies like IBM, Honeywell and Texas Instruments, the team redBus is both technically and managerially very strong.

Online bus ticket booking process of Redbus:

Like mentioned earlier, is all about simplicity. The 4 step process should not take more than 5 minutes, even lesser.

4 simple steps for booking

To start off, just select the destination you want to go, date, bus type and number of people:

Booking Window RedBus

I found that redBus had quite a bit of options for destinations, more than most of the other services offer. Once you choose these fields, you are immediately presented with availability of Buses.

Pune- bangalore ticket Booking

You can even choose the seats from the bus based on a nice simple visual lay-out. That is sweet !

Bus Seat Numbers

Once you have chosen the seats, make the payment. I was pleasantly surprised with the options available for payment. They have literally 20 to 25 different options that a user can make payment. I think one this is one the best features of redBus along with their simplicity. Click here to get a glimpse of all the different payment options they have to offer.

Once you have made your payment, you are done. You will get the confirmation. In case if you do have any problems, they also have a live chat to help you out.

The reason I have featured is because of their simplicity and user-friendliness. In this Web2.0 age, however good your service may be, if you are not user friendly people are not going to come back to you.

The only grouse I have is they do not have any social Bookmarking / viral abilities, which would have made them even more stickier.

By the way, A very happy anniversary to the team.

  1. pradeep says

    which company designed the website?

  2. runBus says is the new online bus booking website. Avoid delay and book your bus tickets instantly and enjoy your life.

  3. SuperBus Fast says

    You are providing a good information about buses but I normally use for bus ticket booking.

  4. Powar says

    Hello Rohith,

    Thanks for sharing this

    I really like redubs to book bus tickets its really very easy also very very comfortable to book online because we can select bus ac/non ac which seat is available and lots of other information which we can’t get in local ticket counter.

    Did you know you can also get discount while booking tickets at rebus, you have just use coupon codes which you can find here and use this coupon and get discount for bus tickets.


  5. R.P.Koti says

    dear Santosh
    Hi I told u to send the ticket on my e-mail u have not yet send, can I show
    mobile ticket to the traveller does he permit me & kindly tell me that u book the ticket in which travel is it pooja PNR 45459266 dep time is 9:30 PM & seat is 14 boarding at Paradise.

  6. bus tickets says offers cheap online bus tickets. You will find Bus tickets to over 1000 routes at cheapest prices. Search and book bus tickets online. Travelyaari makes bus travel easy, fast and reliable.

  7. Girish.G says

    I had got the best service from redbus wen i had booked my tickets to GOA and Trivandrum. Try booking your required tickets on


  8. Rana Sharath says

    Have you tried booking on – its really a KISS kind of Online BUS TICKETS booking service.

    Very responsive too – for any queries.


  9. Bharath says

    Hi, I travelled in one of their listed buses called “Vinayaga travels” from chennai to Tanjore on 2nd October night Friday. Man….believe me, i have never had such a worst experience anytime in my life. Terrible and i cant imagine what SHIT service they are offering to customers who trust and come to them for service. The bus belonged to another company, tickets already sold, old bus, started delayed by 2.5 hours, customers of redbus online booking were given the last row though many booked middle rows, worst customer service, and i paid Rs 370 for that fucking bus! Parveen travels charges Rs 360 for a Volvo Kinglong AC bus in the same route and i was asked Rs 370 for a fucking, ripped off dumbo bus. They think the customers are fools and the bad thing is that we dont know as to whom we should go and talk to about such issues because none take ownership ? All concerned have a game plan and just show fingers at each other. None really bothers if you had booked it through redbus or greenbus!! If they dare and redbus really mean business, they should get in touch with me to know more….NOW NOW. Bharath

  10. Ravi Kumar says

    Dear Samat,

    Why go through a travel agency for booking tickets through ItzCash Card. You can yourself book your ticket by using ItzCash Card.

  11. Samat says

    Hey Ravi,
    Can you please tel me which travel agencies approve ItzCash Card?

  12. Ravi Kumar says

    It’s a great service! But guys do you know, one can make the payments for the service by using pre-paid cash cards like ItzCash Card!! The pre-paid is also a blessing in disguise which is absolutely safe to use online. The card is a multi-purpose one which can be used in various verticals.

  13. Arun says

    TicketGoose.Com is another portal that is making waves in the online bus ticketing space. This Chennai based company are leaders in Tamilnadu and are now expanding to Bangalore and Hyderabad. Poineers in this field, Tickeckgoose has been around for more than a year now. Also, they have a unique promotion scheme where you can refer your friends and every time your friends book tickets, you will be credited with Goosecash. You can use this cash against future ticket purchases.

  14. Raja says

    A new online bus booking website has come up ..
    Their website looks good.Guess they dont poke their nose into all bus service providers but they have a good lot.

  15. Subburaj says

    I had a bad experience with I tried to book  a ticket from chennai to pondichery in redbus two months back through Rathimeena Travels. My payment is confirmed and it was debited from my card and i was not issued with a ticket ended with an error message. I sent an email and called to redbus customer care for about 4-5 times but no response from them. I lost Rs.250/- through redbus. After some time i ignored this issue and i stopped booking through redbus.

    So be aware that redbus is cheating the people like this and earning the money.

  16. Shyju says

    My experience with .

    I tried booking through their site and it ended up in error msg after paying them through online. I tried their customer care number and for them sunday is holiday.. and no service.. I called them on monday ..told they get back to me with 2 min.. no response .. I called them after 1 hour.. same thing happend ,,, Iike that I called them 6-8 times ..

    The worst experience I ever had from a sevice provider..

    Actually they are using a 3rd party payment gateway service and they will give
    the information after 1-3 days.. may be it will take 1 week also..

    After 2 days they called me and told they recived my payment and they dont
    have any seat for me. Best Service..!!

    So take care while booking tickets from .. you will end up in
    a error message.

  17. vivek dharia says



    It was a very bad experience for us from redbus.

    On 17th Jan 2008 I have booked 4 tickets on telephone for Mumbai to shirdi for 18-01-2008. I have received it on on 18th Jan 2008. (Seat No. 1,2,3,4. boarding time is 11.25 from Mulund (w) to shirdi, by jyoti travel bus, sr. no. 4301, No. T91405692186) very nice & prompt service.

    I started my tour on 18th night with my wife & two children. I reached at Johnson & Johnson, mulund (w) at 10.45 p.m. for my bus which will be arriving at 11.25 as per my ticket. At 11.40p.m. I dialed tel. No. 28941111 which was given on my ticket for help. On that line someone Mr. Parth told me that my bus is already gone from mulund (without taking our 4 seats, when I am standing there with my family for one hour) & he will adjust us on next bus & only 3 seats are available & that is also at backside (which was not according to my booking & I always avoid to seat at backside of the bus). After arguing that it is not fair then he told me that he is not responsible for my seating & tour arrangement & he told me to contact redbus office at 12.00p.m. I had contacted all telephone numbers, which I was having but not a single telephone was attainted.

    When the bus arrive first the driver refuse to talk & told me that 3 seats are available & that is also at backside of the bus & even he refuse to give us our money back. Again I had contacted Mr. Parth & after half n hour talk on my cell phone when I told him that I taking this bus to police station to lodge a police complaint, he told driver to give me refund for my one seat & driver agrees to give me at shirdi & he has given. At last I traveled by bus no. MH-04-G-4789 to shirdi, four persons on 3 seats at night with family & that are also at backside of the bus.

    Now my question is
    1) How my bus is gone without taking us when we are standing at boarding before 45 minutes of the arrival time.
    2) When the person (contact no. given on my ticket) is not responsible for my help at night when I am standing with my family for more than one hour & not a single phone is attended for my help, who is responsible when suddenly my tour is changed without informing us.
    3) How redbus can cancel my one seat at that time?
    4) How they can give me backside seat of the bus when my ticket no, is 1,2,3,4.
    5) I had spend around 30 to 40 minutes talk time on my cell phone at the time talking with your personnel, who is going to compensate for my telephone bill for that period.

    If proper & satisfactory reply will not given within 7 days from the date of this email I have to think to go to concern legal authority to lodge a complaint against your firm for compensation for our mentally & physically harassment because of your miss-management.


    TEL. : +91-022-21633726
    MOBILE : +91-9869075513
    EMAIL : [email protected]

  18. anand says is rocking in tamilnadu

  19. dinesh says

    The another good site for booking bus ticket is is the were doing the online ticketing service.You can make use of this website for getting your travelling ticket . The customer service is very good. the ticketgoose is the website which works for 24 hours for the customer satisfaction.the response given is very good .Ticketgoose covers most of the places in tamilnadu not only in tamilnadu and even other states also.the website designing provided was really impressive, the web server was also really good. So the another good website for booking your busticket is

  20. senthil says

    another speed online bus ticketing

  21. Mukeshy says

    Some said great about redbus services and it’s website, but i am telling you, there website design was also impressive, but there web-server always down.

    have a look @ the server once.
    unfortunalety i cant upload the screen shot, else i would have shown to this world about the redbus services & their web-server links, which almost remains down.

    my small web-page:

  22. vasu says

    I have seen Really a good website for bus ticketing, covering most of the
    routes in tamilnadu. Planning to launch other ticketing like events.

    Ticket Goose will get the premium seat allocations in the buses so that travelers can reserve the tickets well in advance than the normal bookings through agents. The vision of this portal is to become a single point portal for all the ticketing needs

  23. Arun says – Another goodsite to book bus tickets.

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