Top 10 reasons why you should be an Entrepreneur


A lot of folks ask this question: Why should I become an entrepreneur? Is it worth all the trouble of going through hardships and uncertainties of starting my own business? What if I fail ?

Here are the top 10 reasons according to me why you should be an entrepreneur:

  1. The number one reason is also the reason why most of us are afraid to be an entrepreneur. To experience the uncertain journey on Entrepreneurship. You have one short life, and if you do not give a shot at it, you are missing out on a great experience. The journey of becoming an entrepreneur will itself teach you so much it is worth it only for that one reason. The zing, the high, the thrill – experience it and you will know what I am talking about.
  2. To bring out the inner strength within yourself, that is rooted deep inside somewhere. That reserve of strength will bring out a new and confident you.entrepreneur-success-journey
  3. To make yourself proud by walking on a path that is less traveled. To stand out of majority of people and creating an unforgettable identity for yourself based on what you have done.
  4. To show people around you that you are a man of strength and confidence. People will look upon you as a source of strength. They will seek your advice during their hardships.
  5. To value your own skills and strengths, instead of giving off cheaply by working for someone else.
  6. To be an inspiration and example for others.
  7. To be creative. Yes, when you walk on the entrepreneurship path, the creative side of yours will surface in most unexpected ways.
  8. To make a difference in lives of others. When you are an entrepreneur you will have the power of making a difference in the life of your employees, friends and customers.
  9. To be happy. To love life and to love self.
  10. And finally, to create wealth. Yes, this is important, but it is the last reason. All the above 9 reasons will give you much more satisfaction than this 10th reason.

Go ahead, start moving and walk on this wonderful path called entrepreneurship !

  1. Risheendra Singh Bisht says

    I will get back (my wife is calling me for dinner) and give my views. Till then my regards and best wishes.

  2. Bhargav Barma says

    I am an MBA 28 yrs old with 3yrs experience in the corporate sector and now i am planning to start my own business. So wanted to know what type of assistance will i get from your side.

    +91 99644-42377

  3. Moses says

    Being an enterpreneur is the best practise than being employed.
    Nothing is simple, so being an enterpreneur needs courage.

    Thanks for your ten reasons for being an enterpreneur.

  4. Chirag says

    Sir I would say this is one of very good post.
    Once can open up and explore his or her skills and can earn much more money rather than doing a job.

  5. RAHUL says

    i too want to be an successeful enterpreneur and  ten reasons sounds good inspiring some one like me.but their are also the negatives ( unsuccesful enterpreneur)after which very less people get up.also other reasons for becoming an enterpreneur among which tenth reason would be on top for most of them.

  6. Mind your business says

    waste of time in putting comments over here, why don’t people do your work?

  7. rahul says

    i want to be an entrepreneur but i m bit confused about the
    first step to take in this field

    could any one guide me for that
    i dont know how i have to start

  8. entrepreneurs in india says

    I think india does not have much entrepreneurs because of family and society pressure.generally entrepreneurship journey starts just after college life.I still remember when i passed my b tech and was very happy because i had entrepreneurship in my mind and was very eager to do something different. I spent a lot of time reading about bhatia,gates,sergey,etc and i was happy that i could also do something different. I was so inclined to entrepreneurship that i never gave campus interviews. i reached home,i got a nice lecture because i was jobless.father told that he felt ashamed in front of his friends because son of their friends have joined nice companies and i have not. i heard a lot of things and decided to join a company and see now i am servant for a company who never cares about my ideas.

  9. Vivek says

    @ Female Entrepreneur

    Bingo , I realized the same when I saw the line : " To show people around you that you are a man of strength and confidence"

  10. Female Entrepreneur says

    The person writing this article either assumes only males become Entrepreneurs or is writing exclusively to a male audience.

  11. vikram says

    nakal utarna sabse ,ka matlab hi makhan lagana hota hai bhai ,utarne do nakal utna hi gyan badega ,

    jai hind

  12. Jason Vu says

    Interesting stuff, keep going.

  13. Amar tiwari says

    excellent stuff……. is an inspirational article 4 budding entreprenuers…… india certainly lacks entreprenuers…

  14. trakin says

    I am happy that he atleast mentioned that this stuff is copied…and hence I guess it not that bad :).

  15. Himanshu Sheth says

    Oh that’s horrible … On the lighter side, at least he should have saved the image locally and made the post :)

    In fact,I had two persons who copied two different posts of mine and now they are my most followed readers :) May be you can also rope this guy and he would become your most followed reader.I consider Bloggers are the ones who are changing the world and surely such people should be barred from blogging !!!

    -Himanshu Sheth

  16. trakin says

    I do understand what you are saying. You may not have got any new insights from this post, however, the reasons I have pointed out are my own thoughts, so it is upto you whether you agree with it or not. I would be interested to know your take on entrepreneurship and what are the thoughts come up in your mind when you decide to walk that path.
    I have never got into anything big- which should change shortly. But I remain entrepreneur at heart .
    Thank you for pointing out, I did not know about it.
    I am surprised that this guy has actually copy and pasted this whole stuff verbatim, without giving even a small mention of the source. To top it, he is leeching the image from my server too. If you see the properties of the image on his blog, it still comes up from server. Plagiarism should stop !

  17. Himanshu Sheth says

    Something off-post:
    I saw the same post on

    It is very sad that Indian Bloggers don’t follow these basic rules of Blogging and they take the content without a LinkBack (:

    On the post:
    Though I am a Partro-preneur(ie. a part time Entrepreneur who works on the idea in the night and in the day works in the company),one thing is the freedom and also about being more mature(& strong) than the rest of the other guys.

    -Himanshu Sheth

  18. Adventures In Money Making says

    thats a great post.

    what entrepreneurial stuff have you done?

  19. Sachin says

    Everyone writes on the positives of “being an entrepreneur” and making those big bucks or being your own boss. etc etc.I didn’t get any new insights from your article.
    How do I know if “entrepreneurship” is the right path for me?

  20. Sachin Sharma says

    Meet some Indian entrepreneurs who have made it big recently.

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