The creativity of Indian advertisement at its best !


I have earlier featured couple of Indian advertisement which I rate very highly. Recently, I came across another advertisement, which I think is at par or even better than those of Happydent White, Fevicol and Airtel Ad.

One thing I have learnt from these ads is that it is not all about the quality and price of the product. It needs an excellent vehicle of presentation along with being a good product. The first time sale will be based on what a buyer thinks about it and repeat buys are based to quality and  price.

I will not reveal which advertisement this is, go ahead watch it and get impressed the way I did ! This ad has a bit of cultural hint, and hence Indian readers will relate to it immediately. For readers who are not close to Indian culture, I suggest you read the initial screen of the video that gives synopsis of the situation.

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  1. prabakaran says


  2. Deepak kumar says

    yes indian ads are on the peak of creativity every ad agency try to create their ad more intrusted i think people dont want to see boring ad but they also want their enjoyable .

  3. shahwar says

    excellent use of indian cultural back ground and humourous message for the utility of the product.hatsoff to the creative director.the powerful n effective way of conveying the message.

  4. prink (Priyanka Kapoor) says

    Creative Ad (Camelin)

  5. shilpa says

    gr8 ad…what a height f creativity

  6. ulhas says

    Yes very good copy. good sense of indian ambience.
    But it is a bit negative in its approach. creates gloominess. Though the end is positive it keep on recalling earlier visuals of broken bangles

  7. archana says

    Lovely ad ya

    a good mix of humor and a message…simply woww

  8. Tommy says

    Another way to express Indian culture. Nice creativity !!!
    Indian will certainly appreciate this.

  9. adora says

    that was quite intriguing, andkeeps you glued till the end…. I think that is where the creative team gets the credit… HATS OFF!
    Everything is very beautifully used, be it location, backdrop, even expressions.

  10. trakin says

    I think so too Mesmerized. I am not sure why Sure why Suraj finds this ad pathetic, it would have been great if one could have known the reason.

    They have used Indian Culture as a subject….and passed on the idea of “permanent marker” through it. Who ever made it must have such a creative tilt.
    I mean how do you come-up with that idea ????
    Thats the reason why I have given the title “The creativity of Indian advertisement at its best ! “…It may not be a overall best ad….but this one has got 100% marks on creativity from my side…

  11. Sooraj Sasi says


    How do you compare this with Happydent White, Fevicol and Airtel Ad.

  12. Mesmerized says

    Being a devils advocate – id say the marker may not be portrayed in its capability as a permanent marker (in terms of real life functionalities). While the concept of using it as a Bindi could be skewed.

    (shelling devils advocate skin)
    But then again a chicken eating grains from a fevicol bottle which consequently results into its eggs not breaking is beyond the realm of reality.

    Hence leading us to understand the use of the product, in its more raw sense, while the Indian tinge to it makes it only more acceptable to the main prospect audience that is (Indians).

  13. Mesmerized says

    Well i think its a great advertisement! Kudos to whoever made it.

    The Cultural background used was great. It had an absolute contrast in terms of rural background as compared to where a marker would usually be used. Then again its brand recall that they probably will gain through this ad :)

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