Comeback by Taj Mahal at New Seven Wonders Voting


I have been covering the flawed voting process for New seven wonders of the world quite frequently on this blog. I still feel it is a big money making activity. Earlier Taj Mahal was not in top seven, but according to the latest standings, Taj Mahal has climbed quite a few places to reach the top 7 spots.
The organization behind the “New seven wonders of the world ” campaign in their latest report mentioned that Aisans voted most in the last round of voting- thereby ensuring that Taj Mahal came into the top 7. In my earlier post I had doubts of Taj Mahal coming in top 7, but I guess Indians took this voting seriously in the last round. I am happy ! (even though I completely disagree with the way “N7W voting” was carried out.)

Indian bloggers across the globe have covered this event in past few months and I guess that helped a bit.

The Taj Mahal Campaign Photo
photo suggested by webcure

Americans and Europeans have not been too enthusiastic about voting earlier, but they too are joining the badwagon. With last day of voting being 6th of July (only 15 days left), any thing can happen to the standings. There is still a high chance that Taj could be voted out.

I do not want to take any guesses, now that I have already been proved wrong once.

Taj Mahal symbol of love

Currently in the top 10 are Great wall of China, Greece’s Acropolis, Mexico’s Chichen Itza pyramid, the Eiffel Tower, Easter Island, Brazil’s Statue of Christ Redeemer, the Taj Mahal and Jordan’s Petra.

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  1. rajiv shukla. ckp says

    taj is indeed very beauitful and symbol of love. it should be in the list of seven wonders of world.

  2. trakin says

    Yes Ashwin…Without any doubt…Wanna bet ?

  3. Ashwin says

    Well posted. So finally
    Will Taj Mahal make it to the Final New 7 Wonders of the World?



  5. trakin says

    Celeb thanks for your comment. I agree that these people are just making heaps of money and I guess I am one of the bloggers who has voiced it very openely. Please read my post where I have written that this whole activity is just a big money making scam and secondly, the process of arriving at top seven wonders is also faulty. However, please keep in mind that this list is getting accepted worldwide. More than 60 million people across the globe have voted. Being on this list may directly not get you tourists, but it sure does give a great exposure to people worldwide about Taj Mahal.

  6. celeb says

    so you think india will get more tourist because the taj mahal will be on the list selected by this website???!!!!! how silly! the only people who know about the website are probably indians and a few gullible folks from similar countries. These guys will disappear after they’ve collected all the money, sold merchandise, collected user data and are done with the ceremony on 7 July. And our TV channels will move on to other equally irrelevant stuff. And you’re the one left with a few rupees less.

  7. srinu says

    tajmahal was one best historical place in world .the symbol between love and nature of every one fall in to the peace.

  8. trakin says

    Yes Indian Blogger, I did vote :) and asked every family member to vote and they did it too…so I guess I have done my part. Even though the voting process is a money making scam, the new 7 wonders may play an important role for Tourism and I do not want that Taj Mahal is not there in the list.

  9. trakin says

    Yes…Thats absolutely true…Everyone feels that way too. Just have a look at the poll I had setup on scam of n7w voting. More than 80% feel that it is a big scam…for making profit..

  10. wingco says

    ive been hearing about this on tv and radio and saw this post on and couldn’t resist commenting… this scam can probably be included in one of the 7 wonders of the world too! Specially considering how our dumb tv channels are providing free publicity to an un verified website. I mean they aren’t like the world archeological organisation or a UN body or some heritage org… its just a private company!!! and we’re all being fooled!

  11. Indian Blogger says

    1 Billion Indians and 1.1 Billion Chinese. Voting can be done over the internet and through mobile phones. With internet users increasing and the fastest growing mobile markets in these countries, all one needs to do is create the buzz and increase the awareness. The citizens will vote for their respective “wonders” and we should see the Taj and Great Wall in the top 7.
    Yeah, the voting process might be flawed, but I see very little chance of Taj getting “voted out”. BTW, have you cast your vote? :)

  12. srinu says

    tajmahal is one best world in love .tajmahal was more seeing place in india .before people were love and relasion ship .

  13. trakin says

    Thanks Webcure….Can I put up this photo with attribution…?

  14. webcure says

    I liked your blog and am interested in seeing how the vote turns out.
    Check out my Digg for a great photo of 1 guy’s campaign project on this issue.

    Digg This

    Be Healthy,

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