Doing business in India: Key success factors – A 30 part series !


There are several articles on the the web giving information on how to do business in India. However, in most cases I have found that the information concentrates on only one or two areas or either are too generic. So I am going to attempt to put information together that could act as a reference point for those who are planning to start a business in India or those who have just started out or for those who are just interested in knowing. One of the reasons that I am doing this is also because, I am planning to move back to India to start my own business.
I am sure you can write a thousand page book on this subject, however, thats not what I am looking at. My vision is that at the end of this (probably 30 posts) series, the reader should have a fair idea of the information he/she needs to do business in India. Every post will have my write-up and links to various resources.

I am planning to cover following areas in coming days/weeks. Please let me know if you want any additional topics to be covered and I will gladly add them.


India in Context:

# An overview of India’s history, geography, and legacy
# India’s economic growth and Rise of Consumer Market
# The political landscape of India and its effects on business
# India’s new-found confidence: implications for international firms
# The ‘Buzz:’ current issues important to Indians

Understanding India’s Business Culture

# Key Indian values: common denominators in a diverse nation
# The effect of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and other religions on Indian society and business
# How the caste system impacts business
# Attitudes towards the western world
# India’s business culture in transition
# Understanding key business groups in India and the parallel, underground economy

Strategic Decision-making for Indian Business Relationships

# Investing or not investing? Analyzing risk in the new India
# Evaluating potential strategic alliances
# Outsourcing customer service operations to India
# Offshoring: setting up your own operation

Operating in India: Management Issues

# Understanding Indian leadership and decision-making styles
# Developing an effective corporate system and culture that makes sense in India
# Building an effective multi-cultural work team
# Hiring and retaining key talent in India
# Determining if your executive team has the global mindset to support operations in India

Optimizing Functional Business Areas

# Protecting intellectual property
# Navigating the regulatory environment in India
# Marketing and customer service

Communicating With Indians

# One of the largest English speaking nations.
# Separated by a common language: speaking English with Indians
# Effective meeting management in India
# Negotiations and conflict resolution
# Common communication pitfalls for Westerners in India
# Successful strategies for communicating across time and distance

Building Relationships: Social Guidelines for Westerners in India

# Etiquette in business
# Enjoying Indian cuisine
# Travel issues for business people

I am going to try and post atleast one part a day so it should roughly be covered in a month. I just hope that things at workplace do not get too hectic for me to find time to prepare these posts.

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  1. samar Sisodia says

    Before starting any business,it is mandatory to understand the pulse of business doing.This is a good platform to keep a trek and remain updated.

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