Doing business in India: Key success factors – A 30 part series !


There are several articles on the the web giving information on how to do business in India. However, in most cases I have found that the information concentrates on only one or two areas or either are too generic. So I am going to attempt to put information together that could act as a reference point for those who are planning to start a business in India or those who have just started out or for those who are just interested in knowing. One of the reasons that I am doing this is also because, I am planning to move back to India to start my own business.
I am sure you can write a thousand page book on this subject, however, thats not what I am looking at. My vision is that at the end of this (probably 30 posts) series, the reader should have a fair idea of the information he/she needs to do business in India. Every post will have my write-up and links to various resources.

I am planning to cover following areas in coming days/weeks. Please let me know if you want any additional topics to be covered and I will gladly add them.

India in Context:

# An overview of India’s history, geography, and legacy
# India’s economic growth and Rise of Consumer Market
# The political landscape of India and its effects on business
# India’s new-found confidence: implications for international firms
# The ‘Buzz:’ current issues important to Indians

Understanding India’s Business Culture

# Key Indian values: common denominators in a diverse nation
# The effect of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and other religions on Indian society and business
# How the caste system impacts business
# Attitudes towards the western world
# India’s business culture in transition
# Understanding key business groups in India and the parallel, underground economy

Strategic Decision-making for Indian Business Relationships

# Investing or not investing? Analyzing risk in the new India
# Evaluating potential strategic alliances
# Outsourcing customer service operations to India
# Offshoring: setting up your own operation

Operating in India: Management Issues

# Understanding Indian leadership and decision-making styles
# Developing an effective corporate system and culture that makes sense in India
# Building an effective multi-cultural work team
# Hiring and retaining key talent in India
# Determining if your executive team has the global mindset to support operations in India

Optimizing Functional Business Areas

# Protecting intellectual property
# Navigating the regulatory environment in India
# Marketing and customer service

Communicating With Indians

# One of the largest English speaking nations.
# Separated by a common language: speaking English with Indians
# Effective meeting management in India
# Negotiations and conflict resolution
# Common communication pitfalls for Westerners in India
# Successful strategies for communicating across time and distance

Building Relationships: Social Guidelines for Westerners in India

# Etiquette in business
# Enjoying Indian cuisine
# Travel issues for business people

I am going to try and post atleast one part a day so it should roughly be covered in a month. I just hope that things at workplace do not get too hectic for me to find time to prepare these posts.

  1. samar Sisodia says

    Before starting any business,it is mandatory to understand the pulse of business doing.This is a good platform to keep a trek and remain updated.

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