Do you want a 100% free website with Domain Name ? You got it now !


Okay, I just received a mail from Microsoft Office Live Basics. They are giving out free website (Similar to what Google is offering), but the good part of this deal is that you get a domain name free…yes, absolutely free….

I am not sure if this is old news (Update: Sorry guys, it is really a old news…I feel like a fool knowing it so late- anyways, I did not delete this post just so that if there is still someone who does not know about it, may be it could help him/her !), but I thought it was interesting enough for me to share it with you guys. Any one wanting to have a website with is own domain name and free web site should head straight to MS Live website. Here are the details….

I have already registered couple of .com domain names. and and it was pretty much setup in 5 minutes. You just need to give your credit card for verification. They do not charge anything.


Free Website and domain name


Reserve your own domain name

Make the first step in taking your business online by creating a unique and personalized domain name (like Microsoft Office Live Basics includes one FREE domain name for your business.

Easily create and update your own Web site

Site Designer is a simple, yet powerful Web design tool to help you create a professional, fully customized Web site. You can create a Web site quickly, and won’t need to hire technical help to maintain it. Microsoft Office Live Basics gives you:

  • Free Web site hosting
  • 500 MB of Web site storage
  • Easily upload your logo, images, and documents

Access your own e-mail, contacts and calendar anywhere

Quickly access and manage your e-mail, calendar, and tasks, whether you are in or out of the office.

  • Up to 25 e-mail accounts, each with a full 2 GB of space
  • Keep track of people, events, and information
  • Access e-mail, contacts, and calendar from most Web browsers

Learn more about your Web traffic

Our Web site reports can help ensure that your Web site is really working for you. With Site Reports you can:

  • Monitor the success of your Web site
  • Determine which search engines and keywords are driving traffic to your Web site
  • Find out how many unique visitors and page views you get on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

Help customers find your Web site

Promote your site to customers searching for what your business provides with Microsoft Office Live adManager beta.

  • Set a budget, select keywords related to your business, and write a brief text ad.
  • Your ad may appear to interested customers using Live Search to find your products or services.
  • You control how much you spend and pay only when your ad is clicked.
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    prepare a new website.

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