Japan keen to offer Indians the Bullet Train Technology!


Japan is currently in the process of marketing its technological advancements to the rest of the world. It is great to see that a country known for its impeccable technology is coming up front and wishes to share it with the rest of the world. Bullet Trains[Source]

India is getting its share of attention in this regard with Japan keen on selling its Bullet Train Technology to India. Infact, it wishes to add even more to the deal with helping in building the infrastructure and even giving USD 1.0 Billion (101.7 billion yen) in the form of loan.

This, of course, is the add-on to offset other countries like France and China who also have their high speed train technologies.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have talked over this matter in the annual India-Japan summit that happened sometime back.

There are two things of note here-

1. India has a need for high speed transport

India is a huge country by any standard. Going from Delhi to Mumbai (the two major and closest metros) takes over 12 hours at the least. Add to that the other two metros and suddenly we have geography of thousands of kilometers that can’t be traversed in a day by land.

With the coming of Bullet train, these distances would come within a day’s range. It will be a great step in the transport and infrastructure improvement of the country. Also, these trains are known for their safety features which mean that one can expect some of those features to rub off on our overall railways.

2. Need for Greener Pastures

Japan is a developed country with most of its infrastructure now in place. To continue its growth it has to look for greener pastures in this field and there is no better country that India to begin with. Japan is also looking towards the African Countries to further its growth.

All in all, if this comes into place and is implemented in India, it would be a great improvement in the rail transport for India which has been stagnant for the most part in the past. What is your opinion? Do you think it will actually come to reality or will it be just a dream for India?

Here are some quick bites about Japanese Bullet Train

  • Known as ‘Shinkansen’.
  • Has a top speed of over 200km/hr!
  • Known worldwide for it being safe and punctual. Considered quite reliable in these regards.

Learn more about Bullet Trains here!

  1. Archie Leach says

    Why is a picture of a high speed train IN CHINA being used in reference to Japanese high speed trains?

  2. Kunal Prakash says

    Hey Guys,

    Completely agree with you. In India the actual trouble starts after the deal is on the table. My only hope lies in the fact that despite all the problems we did get a metro in Delhi.

    Maybe, Japanese will give it the extra effort that will help us built the infrastructure. Though, I do see it crossing a few deadlines.

    @Viral: Thanks.

  3. Viral Dholakia says

    Agreed somewhat with Altaf about regulatory hurdles & red-tapism involved in any n every project. Hopefully, if this project kicks through, it is given a green signal at a faster pace, as it comes directly from none other than the govt’s initiative itself.

    Specifically, in such instances and many other important ones, the authorities at the higher level need to personally take keen interest in ensuring projects clearances on prompt basis.

    Last but not the least, good article & well written too – Kunal.

  4. Altaf Rahman says

    Every thing is fine. For every deal to be completed there are two parties. Japan is ready to share its technology, even build it fo rus and even ready to finance it. OK.
    What about our side? The government will announce the decision to build bullet trains connecting Delhi, Culcatta, bombay, Madras in a grand ceremony attended by both PMs, flanked by all billionaire industrialists.
    Then the real indian wakes up.
    These Jap guys will run from pillar to post requesting environmental clearances, land acquisitions, jobs on quota basis, then will face labor union mafia then commissions to be paid on work contracts, customs duties on imported equipments and God knows what.
    Finally they will commit harakiri (Japanese suicide) repenting the day they agreed to come to India.
    May be I look pessimistic but thats the way things are on our side of the world.
    Just my two paisa :)

    1. Charlie says

      I like how you explained the reality of the situation in India.

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