Google’s Project Loon: Internet To Everyone Using Balloons In Sky!


WOW! Imagine this – Every individual on this plant can access internet simply by connecting through a network of balloons floating in Earth’s Stratosphere. As audacious as it may sound, it may soon be possible.

Google’s new initiative called “Project Loon” is probably one of the most outrageous ideas that I have heard in my life. But it is just not an idea – It is actually being implemented right now in some parts of the world.

This is BIG, and I salute Google for not only coming up with this idea, but also going ahead and trying to implement it.

Project Loon is great in every way – Let us understand it in more detail…

What is Project Loon?

The basic idea of Project Loon is to create a network 20 kms into the sky using continuously floating balloons. Yes…. you heard it right… Balloons.

These balloons are essentially made from polyethylene plastic and are around 15 meters in diameter and the whole gear is about 12 meters in height. Here is how they look.

Project Loon

These balloons will be placed in Earth’s stratosphere and with enough balloons floating and moving in layers (of stratospheric winds) theoretically entire world can get connected to Internet wirelessly.

Watch the video below that talks about the entire process in detail:

The beauty of Project Loon is that it relies on nature for providing the power and force. The floating balloons are fitted with Solar panels through which they draw power to run the apparatus and they rely on constant winds in stratosphere to control movement of balloons.

Even after reading everything on Project Loon and seeing how it is expected to work, it is still hard for me to believe that it can really be possible. But with Google venturing and funding this project, there is a chance that it may actually happen.

Project Loon pilot test have begun and thirty balloons have been launched from New Zealand’s South Island. These balloons will beam Internet to a small group of pilot testers. The experience of these pilot testers will be used to refine the technology and shape the next phase of Project Loon.

Would love to hear your views on this audacious, outrageous Project Loon!

[Project Loon Site]

  1. Tushar says

    Google is the company who is keep innovating, Project loon is certainly the most anticipating product that they have been working on.

  2. K.J.Haroon Basha says

    Fantastic idea indeed. Hats off to you Google for the innovative ideas.

  3. Aditya Dey says

    I think in recent times Google must be labelled as the most innovative organization of the world. First Fiver connection, then Google glasses , and now balloons….I have read a lot about this project for last two days….an I’m quite convinced that it might be possible….but it will require time (loads of it) to start functioning properly….There would be some mistakes at the time of testing for sure and those mistakes need to be taken care properly…and in this purpose I trust Google’s engineers completely….they are the best in the business….In the era of PRISM (US), Google’s balloon project is a like a soothing breeze….isn’t it???

  4. Parag Parulekar says

    What would you call it outrageous? I think it is brilliant… Again, it might work n it might not… but the Idea is fantastic(if works)… Why ridicule it? I am sure everything did that when the first light bulb was invented!!!! but nobody complains or ridicules it now… Lets wait n see… Personally I hope it works… it is absolutely BRILLIANT

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