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India is seeing influx of new e-commerce sites for past 3-4 years. In fact, the surge of such sites has been so phenomenal and the market has been saturated to an extent, we are already seeing many online shops either shut down or getting merged with a bigger player. Even then, we see new ones joining the fray.

While I think the supply is currently more than demand for general category e-tailers, there is still lot of scope for niche players like, a unique personal online shopping platform that sells items people usually feel shy to walk into a convenience store and ask for.

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Shycart definitely caters to an untapped market. No other Indian e-tailer specializes in selling products that are personal in nature. Here are some of the broad products that Shycart catalogue offers: Different types of Condoms, women’s sanitary products, Lingerie, Men and Women’s Sexual Health products, Natural Virility and Libido meds, Over the counter Birth Control meds, Mother care products and many others in area of personal, health and sexual care. ensures complete discretion in packing & shipping so buyer does not have to worry about anyone seeing or knowing what they have bought. The shipped package is fully box packed with no account on top of any products inside the package.

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Like I have mentioned before, definitely fills in the specific need of buyers. Founders have taken a bold step in launching a online shop in a niche area where there is no precedence set previously.

What I also like about Shycart is that they are not only selling products, but are also trying to educate the masses on various sensitive and personal subjects.

[box type=”shadow” ]Overall, shycart definitely has potential to make a mark on this yet-to-be-tapped online niche. They will need to market themselves aggressively in coming days to create awareness, otherwise it might be difficult for them to sustain![/box]

  1. Gill says

    Another good one is They have been selling adult toys and accessories in India for a couple of years now. Like you said in the article- general category products will not survive but niche players will have an advantage

  2. Anuj Sharma says

    Idea seems to be picking up over time. i hope they do not get overburdened with any heavy investment that actually changes the shape of it! As happened with a number funded of e-commerce start-ups.

  3. Aditya Dey says

    I seriously loved the name ‘ShyCart’…innovative and appealing….any way nowadays there are rains of eCommerce firms in India…so I guess this market is emerging heavily in India…..Very Good indeed….

    1. Vivek says

      Thanks Adiya. Glad you liked it

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