[Updated] BSNL’s Jaw Dropping Offer: Launches 20GB 3G Data Pack At Rs 50


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[Please see update at the end of article]

In one of the sensational offers ever launched, BSNL has decided to offer 20 GB 3G data for only Rs 50. And this 20 GB can be shared among 5 users, all over India.

Right now, 1 GB of 3G data is being sold for Rs 160-250 by various telecom players; but BSNL is now providing 20 times that data at one fourth of price.

As per available reports, this special BSNL offer is a subsidized plan, powered by PM Modi’s Digital India campaign; and the sole purpose is to enable every section of the society with high speed Internet at affordable prices.

Last year, BSNL had attempted to disrupt the market by offering 80% cheaper tariff.

Digital India Push: No Dedicated Connection Needed For Internet

This new BSNL offer is also remarkable in several ways. To start with, the user need not take a full fledged connection to avail this offer. And, this 20 GB can be shared among 5 users, from all over India as well.

Users are required to register at BSNL’s selfcare portal, and then include the phone numbers which would share the Internet plan. The primary user would be billed for the main pack, and the rest 4 users can use Internet without paying any amount.

As per BSNL General Manager Ram Shabd Yadav, this subsidized plan has been launched to enable 100% Internet connectivity across India. And, BSNL will certainly attract new users as well.

Massive Tariff War Unleashed

As the focus of almost every telecom firm is on 4G right now, BSNL has actually surprised everyone with this scintillating offer. A massive tariff war has been started, as private telecom companies will be forced to have a hard look at their plans and offers; especially for the 3G market.

Now, on one side is Reliance Jio, which will offer 75 GB 4G data and 4500 minutes of talk time for Rs 200; and on the other hand is BSNL with 20 GB of 3G data for only Rs 50. Other telecom players like Idea, Vodafone, Airtel etc would be now in a competitive dilemma over their own pricing strategy, as BSNL’s offer is surely going to disrupt the market. As BSNL is also going to launch their 4G services & video on demand service, telecom market in India is surely witnessing some major disruption.

Earlier, BSNL had committed to connect 1 lakh panchayats with high speed broadband connection within a year; and this new plan can be a part of this scheme.

The official BSNL website, with prepaid plan details hasn’t yet updated; and some users who tried to avail this sizzling scheme via BSNL’s selfcare portal were not able to view this option.

We will keep you updated as more information comes in.

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[April 23rd UPDATE – 1] We have tried to get in touch with BSNL officials in regards to this – however, multiple emails and calls have elicited no response since the news broke out. We will update the post as soon as we get more information

[April 23rd UPDATE – 2] It seems this is an hoax – Sanjay Kumar, GM, Sales and Marketing, BSNL told digit, “We also don’t know where this story is originating from. As of now we don’t have any such plans,”

It has been finally confirmed that BSNL is not offering these plans. However, they have come up with some other plans which you can check out here and here

  1. ANKUR,Incomeboy says

    hey mohul

    very well written article sir and the amount of detailed information you provided with is absolutely amazing.!
    great work sir…!
    hope to read more such interesting and informative articles from you….!
    kudos to your work.


  2. xyz says

    i am trying to get connection of BSNL Landline, but the officer there is refusing for a new connection, saying no cable available to provide new connections…

    I don’t understand, if they are not willing to provide connections to new customers, how the BSNL is going to manage its survival.

  3. Vishal Bhatia says

    You can get customer ID fron the BSNL call center by dialling 1503.

  4. Mohsin says

    Big Players will not let it happen…

  5. MD M Nauman says

    WOW This Offer is available for karnataka also?

  6. Subodh Sharma says

    I think, trak.in publisher need to verify once in BSNL website for the 50rs. plan of Data before providing the BNSL link: http://www.bsnl.in/opencms/bsnl/BSNL/services/mobile/3g_prepaid_data_plan.html

  7. Raj says

    In my experience, I’ve found Vodafone and Airtel to be the best. Although they charge a lot, they give what they promise. Aircel offers good value for money, and the quality is OK. I don’t think I will want to even try BSNL or Reliance, as I’ve had poor experiences with these companies earlier.

    1. akthar says

      Vodafone Airtel Loot the customers money. 1gb 3g data must be within 50 rs for 1 month. But there telecom companies charge 250rs.

  8. Saurabh says

    I will not use it even if it is for Rs. 10/- only. Recently I had purchased its 1 GB 3G data plan but it simply does not load anything. I have been buying its data plan of low denominations in recent months to check its speed and if it is working now but it rarely works. I kept charging because it offers cheapest data plans. Now I have thrown its SIM. All the money spent on buying its data plans went down the drain. Most of the time the signal keeps showing 2G EDGE and 3G signal is rare. Airtel 3G is working best right now but it is most expensive at Rs. 275/- for 1 GB. Aircel 3G is economical but does not provide reliable signal at all times.



    1. Sunny says

      Yes Sir, we bought the cables now and we will be putting the cables from the exchange to your bedroom so that you ll not have any issues browsing for all the porn with high speed internet.

  10. sanjuraj says

    Kaise activate Karna h

  11. Raman says

    really ?? I doubt on this.

  12. China Singh says

    I recharged for Rs50 and it gave me only balance of Rs40.66

  13. Madhav says

    Fake news.

    There is no Ram Shabd Yadav in BSNL top management, who has been quoted in the article.

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