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Uber Launches uberFLEET to let Fleet Owners Manage Cars in 29 Cities; Modeled on Ola Operator App



Around 6 months back, Ola launched its service Ola Operator to provide a platform for fleet owners to manage their vehicles. Over the time, driver partners on these ride-hailing app platforms have grown to become fleet owners and have been looking for a service like this.

Uber has an answer to Ola’s Operator service, called uberFLEET. Just like Operator, uberFleet will bring a lot of fleet owners on its app who want to manage their vehicles through the same platform.

By managing the fleet, Uber means that these partners will be able to locate the vehicles using GPS, calculate the daily and monthly earnings and review the rides on their vehicles. These fleet partners will have exclusive access to these service in 29 cities in India.

Apurva Dalal, Head of Engineering, Uber India said, “We have hundreds of thousands of driver partners in India; a lot of them have progressed forward in life as entrepreneurs: they now own their own fleets and work with us as fleet partners. We built technology that supports them in managing their fleets.”

Features of uberFLEET in India

Anyone who owns more than one vehicle on the Uber system and pays their drivers on their own instead of Uber paying the drivers comes under the uberFLEET program.

These fleet partners can login via the usual logic credentials on The dashboard has the details of the drivers which can be verified by the owner. Uber says the dashboard enables the fleet owners to manage their business more efficiently.

The following can be seen on the uberFLEET app –

  • Track your drivers’ performance – trips, hours online, earnings, and much more
  • See a daily breakdown of their earnings and cash collected to make paying drivers as simple as possible
  • See a drivers’ day-to-day activity – when they log on and off, and details about their trip(start location, route and the end location)
  • See individual trip details – pick up and drop-off locations and cancellation details(all on cash, Paytm and cards)
  • View detailed reports of both your and your driver’s earnings

Uber has also built-in a live map, that will allow you to check your driver’s location in the real time. You will also be able to see where they took a ride from and where they last went offline.

Is uberFLEET fair to the drivers?

For fleet owners, Uber has just launched a service in India that will amplify their business as they will be able to manage it a lot better. The dashboard, the real time tracking and the detailed reports are sufficient for the owner to make decisions.

However, for the drivers, it might not be the best solution. Considering that Uber’s tariffs are already pretty low, over and above that the fleet owners will not be paying for the fuel and might be forced to do longer hours to compensate for their own income, this platform might not serve the purpose.

In India, there are a lot of fleet owners who would take some commission from these drivers before paying them their earnings. While on the other hand, an individual driver might earn more and will be responsible for maintaining his car and expenses. Both these scenarios have different approaches, it is only a matter of who is comfortable with what.

uberFLEET is available for Android starting today in all the 29 cities of India where Uber operates in.

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