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Airtel 4G Vs Idea 4G Vs Vodafone 4G Data Plan Comparion 2016

4G Data Plans Comparison 2016

2016 is going to be the year of high-speed internet in India. This year we will not only see the launch of much awaited Reliance Jio’s high-speed 4G and broadband services to the masses, but we are also hoping other leading telcos to follow suit.

We are also expecting our favourite state-run telecom operator BSNL to launch some affordable high-speed broadband plans (pun intended).

Reliance Jio is the only telecom operator having pan-India license for launching 4G services, making it the biggest 4G player in the country. RJIo has launched 4G for its employees, but it is yet to become available to the general public. According to the analysts, Reliance Jio will disrupt the 4G data market in India by offering very affordable 4G internet plans.

However, if you are in a hurry and want to try 4G now, then you would have to go for the services provided by Airtel, or Idea, or Vodafone depending upon your location.

We scoured the official websites of the incumbent 4G providers and are listing all the prepaid 4G data plans in this article.

Vodafone 4G Internet Plans

Vodafone has been offering 4G services in the state of Kerala for a while now, and has also launched its 4G services in the state of Karnataka recently. Naturally, it doesn’t offer too many 4G data plans in Karnataka as of now, so we are listing down its 4G internet plans available in Kerala telecom circle.

Vodafone is offering 4G data plans at 3G tariff for now. The trial 4G pack is valid for 3 days and comes bundled with 120 MB data carrying a price tag of Rs. 29. The 1 GB 4G data pack costs Rs. 251 and has a validity of 28 days.

It also offers heavy usage plans offering 10 GB and 20 GB costing Rs. 1,505 and Rs. 2,499 respectively.

Vodafone 4G Plans - Kerala

Idea Cellular 4G Internet Plans

Idea has its 4G network in more places than Vodafone as of now. It offers its high-speed 4G services in the telecom circle of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu & Chennai.

Idea is also offering its 4G internet plans at 3G data price along with 100% extra data. This extra data makes Idea 4G plans much more attractive than Vodafone and Bharti Airtel. However, as this extra data is available under a special offer, it won’t be available for long.

Its 1 GB 4G data plan costs Rs. 249 and comes with a validity of 28 days. On including the extra data it comes out to be 2 GB 4G data for Rs. 249 with a validity of 28 days.

Idea’s 10 GB 4G data plan (20 GB including extra data) is valid for 30 days and will cost you Rs. 1,346.

Idea 4G Data Plans in Kerala (1)

Airtel 4G Internet Plans

As of now, Airtel 4G has the maximum coverage area in the country and is operational in tens of big cities. You can visit Airtel and check if your city has Airtel 4G or not.

Unlike Idea and Vodafone which have similar pricing for their 4G packs across the country, Airtel 4G data packs vary greatly.

Airtel 4G data packs will cost you more dearly if you are in Northern part of the country than if you are residing in the Southern part of India. 10 GB 4G data plan will cost you Rs. 1,998 in the North but you can subscribe to the same pack for Rs. 1,347 in the South.

Airtel 4G Data Plans: Trivandrum

Airtel 4G data plans- Trivandrum

Airtel 4G 1 GB data costs Rs. 255 and comes with a validity of 28 days, while the 2 GB, 3 GB, and 4 GB packs costs Rs. 455, Rs. 655, and Rs. 755 in Amritsar. Other cities in Punjab and the nearby regions have similar 4G data pack offerings.

Airtel 4G Data Plans: Amritsar

Airtel 4G data plans- Amritsar

Cities in Southern India have Airtel 4G data packs starting from 500 MB to 10 GB. Please check the screenshots for more info.

Airtel 4G data plans- Pune

As of now, Idea Cellular is the most affordable 4G data provider, thanks to its double data plans. But it remains to be seen what these incumbent players would do, when Reliance Jio launches its 4G services.

In the meantime, you can try 4G mobile internet provided by any of the above mentioned operators and let us know your experience with them.

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  • Airtel 4G n/w is available only on Mount Everest , Siachen Glacier , in Thar desert and amazon Forest, not available in Cities like Bangalore ,,they show bullshit advertisements ,guys pls don’t buy ,they are cheating us

  • Siegel 4G is a total fraud, even after paying a huge amount and after recharge it speed is 2G only which is of no use.

  • It’s pathetic experience on arrogance of sales people as if not interested and don’t care for customer.

  • […] that the top 3 telecom operators, Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone have already launched their 4G networks and promoting it heavily. So naturally Reliance Communications doesn’t want to miss out on this […]

  • Whats the benefits of 4G at this high price rates? Its like you are dropping a single drop of water into a huge tunnel. 3G rates are also the same. These mobile operators got there calander wrong, One month is not 28 days, I decided not to use mobile internet untill the price become reasonable.

    • @JazDude – ha ha…. According to telecom companies,… One Month is = 28 days only. It is revolutionary invention from Indian Private companies. We all supported Privatization. Now we are enjoying it’s benefits. In 2017 – One Minute = 58 Seconds. In 2020 – One Minute = 55 Seconds. and In 2017 – One Month = 27 Days. In 2020 – One Month = 25 Days. It is just a starter. More to come in upcoming days/years.

  • I am staying Devasandra, KR Puram ,Bangalore . Idia(4G) have very very poor net work. Inside the home no netowork (Signal: No Bar ) and out side home ( Signal : some time 1 bar ). Request to Idea please look into this issue ASAP.

  • I stay in Mumbai and was one of the earlier buyer of airtel 4g mifi devices. My Vodafone 3g works better then airtel 4g. I a sure airtel does not have seamless Connectivity for 4g. Embarrassing.

  • Frankly speaking None of the operators not yet providing complete coverage for 3G services. AirTel’s 3G service is sucks in Bangalore. That also in popular place they can’t even provide proper EDGE connectivity. One of my friend lives near Bannerhatta in one apartment at 8th Floor. AirTel’s network can’t even reach at 8th Floor :( Same way 3G hyped in 2013 and 2014. But see still we need to take our mobile phone and look for better tower in the street :( Instead of putting money on ADS they improve their network coverage. God save digital India plan. I doubt even at 2020 users will suffer to get proper internet connection in India.

    • I am staying off banergatta road near maruti dental college airtel have very poor net work.connectivity every day at some part of day I do not get mobile and airtel hot spot connectivity. Airtel has to look into it seriously. I am sure airtel will loose big market. Vodafone has better connectivity.

    • Got the airtel 4g, near kumarswamy layout speed is worse getting 0.6 mbps (bits per sec) .. Even other networks 3g is way better 10 times than this.. Really embarrassing for airtel..

      • Airtel 4G LTE has a very bad speed and lot of connectivity issues. A normal 3G connection works much better. Airtel service and Billing is not very Transparent and they usually are not very co operative. More established companies and some competition will probably make these companies more responsive. I have actually requested for cancellation of my 4G services with Airtel.

        • Airtel sucks big time in Bangalore. Since last Oct’15 they don’t even have usable 2G signal ( for basic call and SMS ) in the IT/STP area of Bellandur/Sarjapur Road, Bangalore . Been complaining to their Appellate, CEO, COO and even Trai and its 6 months now and we been stuck with a useless service. Since then– we are told everytime to wait for 3 months for a new cell site Totally hopeless and pathetic and uncoordinated customer service. And management too i feel. Been one of my client and feel sad at the way they nose dived now.. True they spend a lot of money on marketing of LTE/4G etc.. Wish they focussed on providing basic 1980s era telephone calls and messaging at least.. Exploring alternatives and hopeful Jio or others maybe able to capitalise on this opportunity.

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