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Last updated: December 3, 2015 at 16:52 pm

Uber Launches Pune-Mumbai InterCity Services


Uber is steadily expanding it’s wings in India – On the Maharashtra Day weekend, they have, for the first time, launched inter-city services. Called UberINTERCITY, the service has been launched for travel between Mumbai and Pune.

Since launch, Uber had been plying cars Intra-city (within the city), but this is for the first time that they have launched a service for travel between 2 cities. Sanil Bhatia, Uber’s Pune General Manager said, “Since our launch in Pune, our riders & partner drivers have often asked us to connect the two cities through our app. And we are excited to present uberINTERCITY, which further strengthens our commitment to building an efficient, seamless & sustainable urban mobility network between Maharashtra’s financial and industrial hubs at the push of a button. We will continue to create & implement innovations suited to the local market & take learnings from India to our other markets globally.”

The service will work, just like normal services. The users will just need to pick uberINTERCITY rather than normal UberGo or UberX. Unlike based-on-distance pricing, the Pune-Mumbai or vice-versa ride rate will be fixed at Rs. 3999/-. Like in the normal rides, the app will have Send Status and SOS Button for safety of passengers.

How Does the pricing  compare?

Pune-Mumbai is one of the busiest roots for road travel and hence demand is high. Many travel companies offer Pune-Mumbai transport services. Generally the charges for travel in normal hatch-back car is around Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3000. If you need better and bigger sedans, the costs can rise upto Rs. 5000.

Uber in its announcement has not mentioned the kind of car that will be available, however, the pricing is definitely on the higher side if normal hatch-back or sedans is provided for riders. Generally, Uber is known to price their rides quite competitively, but thats not the case with Uber InterCity.


Uber No cars available

We tried looking out for uberINTERCITY rides, but we could not find a single car on the map. As the service is just launched, cars plying on Mumbai-Pune route might be less, but we were quite surprised to see no cars available!

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  • I want to know about the fare from Pune to Mumbai n back to Pune…kindly rply…3 members would be travelling

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