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Micromax Yu YUREKA Available at Rs. 8999

[Update3: October 2015 – See end of the post]

Here is something that will make many users who have been waiting for Micromax Yu yureka very happy! The much sought after phone will be available in an open sale on May 6th and May 7th. Yes, that is right, you will not need to wait for flash sales on every thursday. It will be available freely to everyone without any registrations. Now, you do not need to worry about device getting out of stock in mere seconds, so you can buy it at your own convenience.

You can check all the details at the bottom of the page.

Also, Yu Yureka now comes with with the latest updated Cyanogen OS – The CM 12 OS

[Updated1: 7th April 2015 – Check at the end of the post for Flash Sale details]

Micromax Yureka (yes, it is not YU but YUREKA) has been launched and suprisingly the phone is priced below what most would have expected. At Rs. 8999/- the phone probably has one of the highest “Value For Money” quotient!

While most of the details we put up yesterday (read below) are bang on, we expected a 3GB RAM phone with higher storage space. But at Rs. 8999, there is nothing much to complain about. The phone is firmly targeted at mid-range users and competes with likes of Redmi Note 4G and second generation Moto G.

The phone is exclusively available on Amazon.in 

Micromax Yureka

Here are the official specifications of the Micromax Yureka phone.:

  1. Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Cortex A-53 64bit SOC ARMv8 clocked at 1.5GHz Octacore and Adreno 405 GPU.
  2. Full 4G LTE CAT4 Support.
  3. Cyanogen OS 11
  4. 5.5 inch HD IPS Display With Corning Gorilla Glass 3.
  5. 13MP shooter with Sony EXMOR sensor with f/2.2 aperture with a blue filter.
  6. 5MP front facing selfie camera.
  7. 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps video recording with 120fps coming soon.
  8. 16GB Internal with 2GB RAM.
  9. Expandable storage.
  10. 2500 mAh Li Po battery.
  11. Dual SIM
  12. Warranty will still be there if u root ur YUREKA.
  13. Doorstep replacement/repair.

The phone is definitely going to appeal to millions of Indians, as it checks most of the boxes that people want. It is dual Sim, has expandable storage and comes with decent 2GB RAM, which means it is not going to stutter even with some heavy applications running.

What we expected was that Cyanogenmod OS would launch their Lollipop CM12 update, but that did not happen. Once this phone is updated to CM12, the phone is really going to shine with their 64bit SOC support!

The only downside we see with this phone is the battery. The 5.5 inch screen on Yureka is going to guzzle battery like crazy and it should just about pull through the day with normal usage. Thankfully, it has CyanogenMod on it, which should help with battery life.

Overall, it is an excellent phone for the price 

We will post a detailed review as soon as we get our hands on it!

[Earlier – 17th December]

Finally, the much talked about Micromax Yu Branded phone will launch on Thursday, December 18th. And from what we know, the phone is not only going to be a beast, but will also come at a price point that is extremely competitive!

Yes, something very similar to OnePlus One (or even better). The launch will be in New Delhi on 18th, followed by events in Mumbai (19th) and Delhi (20th). Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma is expected at all the 3 events. Here is the invitation we have received from Micromax.

Micromax Yu Invitation

But first, why Micromax Yu as a separate brand?

Micromax needs to reinvent itself due to onslaught of newer Chinese brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus and Gionee. They are selling phones that are not only better, but also at a price point that is affordable to most!

While Micromax Smartphones are cheap, they have also known to churn out under-powered devices. With Micromax Yu they want to reposition themselves against these Chinese Smartphone players.

Are you wondering how the first Micromax Yu phone will be?

While Micromax has not announced anything, we know from our sources that it will be a high-end phone, that will probably have better specifications than OnePlus and price which is even lower!

Here are the specification details that we know…

The Yu Smartphone will be the first in India to have a 64 bit support. It will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 octa-core CPU and will support the 4G-LTE networks in India.

As far as the screen goes, it will 5.5 inch screen with HD display or higher.

[Updated: We just got hold of main Micromax Yu Specifications. Here they are]

Micromax Yu Specifications
Micromax Yu Specifications

With Micromax’s exclusive partnership with Cyanogen OS, there is no question which OS Micromax Yu will sport. However, it is interesting that only Android Lollipop supports 64 bit architecture, and Cyanogen is still not out with their Lollipop update. It might just happen that Micromax Yu may be the first phones to get their upcoming Lollipop updates.

With Micromax Yu, they are also changing the way the phones will be sold. It will be Online-Only model just like OnePlus One and Xiaomi phones. The Yu phones will be available exclusively on Amazon India.

Wondering what the price of this phone will be? Any guesses?

Again, there is no official confirmation, but in our view price will be around Rs. 19,999/-. At that price, Micromax YU will probably be the most Value For Money high-end smartphone available in the market.

I am wondering what are the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony and others are going to do…

Update: Ok, so the price of the phone is closer to Rs. 10,000 rather than Rs. 20,000. While I am happy that price is very low, it also suggests that phone probably has 2GB RAM (or 1GB) rather than 3GB which I had expected. The import details shows that the import cost of this phone is Rs. 8301. So, it will be priced around 9-10k! Probably competing with Redmi Note 4G.

Micromax Yu Import Price

And here is the actual picture of the phone!

Micromax Yu Phone
Micromax Yu Phone

[It seems Gadgetraid had first published specs of this phone on 15th Dec.]

Micromax Yu Yureka Sale Details

Sale Date No. Of Phones On Sale Remarks
13/01/20152.00pm 10,000[Completed] First Yu Yureka Sale happened and Micromax had announced that they had 10,000 units for sale. The sale was a complete fiasco with over 300,000 users registering for 10,000 phones. However, after the sale many users came to know that evem 10k phones were not available, only 3000 were available for price of 8,999. Many users were shown the price of 12,499/-.Check out our coverage of sale here
22/01/20152.00pm 15,000 [Completed] All of 15,000 Yu Yureka phones were grabbed in less than 4 seconds. Fortunately, people did not face as much problem as they did in the first sales cycle. However, thousands of  customers were left disgruntled as they could not get their hands on the phone
28/01/20152.00pm [exp] 1000 [approx] [Completed] This is “exclusive access sale” for that the sale is meant for “contest winners and impacted customers” who had earlier booked the handset but were unable to avail the product due to certain issues.
29/01/2015 2.00pm 15,000 [Completed] If you have already registered for the third sale, you can log in to this page to make purchases. Ensure that you are logged into this page before time
05/02/2015 2.00pm 15,000 [Completed]  Register for this from 29th January onwards.
 12/02/2015 2.00pm  15,000 [Completed]  The sale got over in seconds
 19/02/2015 2.00pm  15,000 [Completed]   The sale got over in seconds
 26/02/2015 2.00pm  30,000 [Completed]  The sale took less than a minute to get over
 05/03/2015 2.00pm  30,000   The demand for the phones is still high, so if you wish to buy, make sure you have already registered
 19/03/2015 2.00pm  30,000  The sale got over in less than 2 minutes
 26/03/2015 2.00pm  25,000   The sale got over in less than 2 minutes
 02/04/2015 2.00pm [exp]  25,000  The sale closed in about 3-4 minutes and all handsets were sold.
 09/04/2015  25,000   The sale is over
 16/04/2015 2.00pm  25,000  The sale is over
 23/04/2015 2.00pm  25,000 The sale is over
 30/04/2015 2.00pm  25,000   The sale is over
 05/05/2015 & 06/05/2015  Unknown  This will be an open sale and you will not need to register for the sale and will be available openly for everyone.

Updated: October 2015

Micromax Yureka is no more available in weekly flash sales. It is available in open sale on Amazon and you can pick it up without any invitation.

According to our estimates, Micromax has sold over 300,000 Yureka Yu phones till April 26th. By all counts, the number should swell to over 300,000 by end of April as they are now offering around 25,000 units in every flash.

"Micromax Yu YUREKA Available at Rs. 8999", 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


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  • God forbid if you ever need any service/help from Micromax. They display a typical bania mentality of “becho aur bhool jao”. Pathetic customer support, where the service staff is unable to comprehend customer problems, no responses, no SLAs. So please factor this in before you get tempted by the specs…

  • it is a very worst mobile pls do not buy this phone. First time when i bought phone is not able to on so they have given new mobile for the old one after 1 month again mobile become fault in camera pictures images it is showing only half half of the images in gallery i dont know why .? I think it doestnt work so pls dont buy yuerka phone it just in the name of micromax but even they are not doing anything if the phone became fault . Its absolutely 200% waste of money .

  • I have by mistake deleted the camera app in YU yureka mobile. So my question is how to get that camera app again. Please help me because I am facing issues in other camera app.

  • Never buy Yureka Mobile..EVenthough their features appears attractive, they are not reliable one. Their don’t have a repair center anywhere in india and their customer service is the worst Once you bought their mobile, it’s like putting your head into the crocodile’s mouth… Yureka Mobiles are worthless, unreliable and worst post purchase service

    • thanks mr.arun, but whenever micromax release new smartphone there might be come up with good features and specifications but as the heating issue always there with micromax, and not sure how the new device will be performance wise..

  • if u want these features asus zenphone 2 is best choice available in 2/4 GB Ram &8/16gb internal with 16mp rear or 5 mp front camera.

  • i want to micromax yu yureka but registration option is not shown for this please suggest me how to buy yureka

  • Finally !!! A phone worth waiting Hello everyone, I have been using Yureka since past 3 months and will surely say that I found a phone worthy enough to meet my expectations. It has many good features but the one I like the most is the camera. I can capture images with clarity that beats all other phones in this price bracket. You should definitely try this phone.

  • i want to purchase micromax yureka but it is not available in market or amazon. Plz tell me how can i purchase it.

  • This phone is incredibly well priced. It has a good display and good internal storage. The camera is 13mp and it performs very well

  • I want a phone wid best best best camera & internal memory is dis phone phone suitable for me pls suggest……….

    • I want to sell my yu yureka phone purchased on 5th feb’2015. If any body interest kindly contact me via email

      • hey,rajesh what is your review regarding the phone,is it just okey or awesome,howz its camera

  • All, (who want to buy Yu product Please read and make your choice) YU dont have any service center and per term and condition,they provide door-to-door service, (which i didnt notice yet actually, wasn’t knowing it before I purchase, thought its Micromax company so they will provide service, like Nokia does for Microsoft), if you purchase you may have to struggle a lot for any type of Service. In my case, 60 days gone, device not replaced yet. Had to purchase another phone. Ticket generate as of now ?#?YU81043?, yu54717, yu61512, yu71204, yu80767 and talked to Spoked to Vishal, , Raghunandan baghel, suraj singh kotiyal, Amit kumar Sharma, Sahil, Abhishek kumar and Nishant (Operaration Manager), Amit kumar, Adish, Rajesh Tulsani (Manager), Ashwini. Sent many email as well, without minimal (on insistence) or no response. Not sure What type of managers YU have, whenever I call support executive updates that they are unavailable. Looks YU customer care (no care, i would say harassment) center runs without supervisor/floor manager/ Manager? They dont have any escalation matrix/importance???? Not sure Why they dont want to speak to customer??? Feel cheated and wasted my money, lot of energy , time. No call from YU, no followup. Never seen such shameless and irresponsible people in any of the customer care center. I would say #YUplayFraud and not #YUplayGod.

  • Which android phone is good for games, video with 2GB ram and lollipop android under 9000 ……and good battery and good looks. Pliz really fast. ………….

  • I want to buy a set with the featurs of 13MPCamera, 2/3GB Ram, 16/32 internal memory, Gorilla glass, hifi processor, good battery life, at 10000k plz Suggest.

  • Mene yureka phone 13/5/2015 ko purchase kiya hai lakin ye phone jayada bada hone ki wajeh se mein ise bechna chahti hu agar koi interested ho toh pls mujhe mail karain lakin phone bahut acha hai but mujhe carry karne main problame hai pls sdevika207@gmail.com

  • Bhai logo chor phone h ye….. Chor h ye yureka phone wale. Ek no ka froud phone h. Jo kharidega Bhai 9000 kharab krne wali bat h… 1 mnt hua h.. Mujhe purchase kite hue…. Bhut presan hu.. Or inke call center pe phone kro… Koi response nhi milega

  • while am upgrading OS,it went to shutdown,then it is not at all booting and i raised ticket YU117405 to YU 4 days before,but am not received any call till now,so Worst phone..never buy this…

  • Hai friend, i have micromax yureka phone this phone is most beautiful and clear camera and excelent power battery .. I much love u this phone..

  • I have purchased the Youreka phone. Everything is good in Youreka. But the main thing when play video songs or games or charge it it gets warm.When you touch the phone you will feel it warm hot. I don’t know why. I am trying to call the customer care now. Rest of the features are good. May be this problem is coming in my phone i dont know.

    • Hey man theYureka come with qualcomm processor and thats heavy one for this reason onlyyour phone getting hot if you use pc your pc get hot bcz it depense heat so no harm if your phone getting hot

  • Dear sir when I search some thing on Internet the battery. Became to hot and this problem I face continusely heating pl sir give me the solution on this set after all phone is very good and amazing set thanks Mr no is 8007957493 pls kindly do needful.

    • Amar Ji this is the same problem with me. Kya krey kuch smaj my nhi as raha h.if u r get any solution plz contact my e-mail plz

  • Do not compare Yureka with any thing on earth. Guys I am using Yureka and I can tell u not to touch this junk with even barge pole. The phone has some major Proximity Sensor problems. And hear this one: I cannot put my phone simultaneously on Ringer & Vibrator. The Volume of ringer is so low that i miss 75% of my calls and have to call back. Worst: Company does not have ant service centers across the country. All they have is a call center in Mumbai and they never pick up calls. I tried to sell my brand new Yureka on OLx and Quickr at 8500/-. Believe me no takers. And their are 100s of yureka already on these websites out for sale and no one wants to buy them. Dont go amazon and be in Q, go to Quickr or OLX and pick up brand new phones, just like that. !

  • I recently purchase yureka mobile phone through amazon for 8999 . today I am not getting display for the incoming calls and navigator button is not activating . can any one help what is the problem is it with setting please help

  • Sir i want to purchase micro max yu yureka so please tell me when i can registration to purchase this phone please reply

  • All brothers and sisters I advise you to buy this excellent smartphone! It has an excellent battery life, crystal clear camera and advanced and fast operating system……i don’t think there is any other phone or any phone will ever be launched in future also….if u want to criticize it is the clear picture quality and the big sound system!!!! other wise no PRROBBBLEMMMMM!!!!

  • guyzzz mujhe lena hai micromax yureka mujhe samjh nai aa raha hai kya karu so plz tell me guyzz kya karu q ki pasand aai hai mujhe ye pcs

  • plese purchage mixromax canvas nitro a310 because it has octa core processor , 2gb ram , 13MP rear and 5MP front with hd recording and it has 5 inch long screen . I think it is best as compare to yureka becausr it have no ploblem for a along time but due to memory problem it hangs( if its stoeage capacity fulls)

  • dear all I suggest u not to purchase this mobile its a trap… its a dump set…. issues or problems with phone: 1. battery issue. 2. over heated. 3. no tollfree number to contact customer care. 4. customer support emails will be very rude. 5. doorstep service is available to the location mentioned in website but u have pay for it… charges are worth rs:3000.. I found my device has a minor crack at clip side if I asked for replacement they said u.ll be charged 3000 for doorstep replacement and for repair if I asked the same amount…. the yureka team is fooling Indians brothers and sisters…..

    • Don’t buy…Micromax….go to One Plus One or Huwei Honor Holy or Moto g or E… Before buying Micromax ….Visit any nearest Micromax service center and talk to anyone standing their in ques !!!!

  • I bought YU phone 1 month ago it is overall good but getting some problems having solutions then plz reply 1- map is not supporting for nevigation 2- over heating 3- how to play video of gallery with another player

  • i brought this mobile… i recommend u dont buy this phone… its battery is terrible… heating problem since from first day…..

  • Unsatisfied with the baterry Increase 2500 mAH li po to 3000 mAH li po battery or 4000 mAH Battery.

  • sir i want buy these phone or maine phone ke liye subscribe to kar diya h par aage kuch nahi aa reha h please telll me how can possible

  • It has 2500 mah battery not performed well. In the night it ye puri battery kha jata hai. Not satisfied with battery life, n phone

  • sir i am trying to buy before 2 month but not geting please tell me how can possible to buy this mobile yureka

    • mai bhi yeh phone kayi months sai nahi karid pa raha tha .then maine you tube mai search kiya that what is the trick to buy micromax yu yureka .then on today i am successfully able to buy yureka from amazon. here is the link…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6r2r1if71Mo

  • Dear Consumers..Please don’t buy Yureka Mobile.Worst Customer Support.Highly Non Responsive and insensitive. False Promises and Worst product. Like Others, i was so curious to buy this mobile when yureka started the flash sales in amazon and after few attempts, we bought this mobile. It was not too late when i realized that this mobile is not worth of 8999 when i found multiple issues where is evident from various forums/blogs i read recently.Since then for last one month,i am trying to get this mobile replaced..So far no luck and yureka support is so rude to customers when you ask for replacement. let’s not buy this mobile and send this morons back to their farmlands

  • I have Brand Yu Yureka Mobile with sealed condition with amazon packed seal till didnt open… If anyone wants just call me at 09790995153….

  • here is the email conversation with customer care of Yureka.. they are the worst guy..please dontb buy this device.. ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Sumedh Jawalekar Date: Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 11:51 AM Subject: Re: issue with my yu yureka To: gupta.601@teleperformance.com On 03-Mar-2015 6:31 pm, “Priyanka Gupta” wrote: Dear Sumedh, Thanks for emailing YU Support. In response to your email, We would request you to send snapshots of screen in order to assist you in best possible manner. Please refer to forums.yuplaygod.com for any support related queries. Best regards, Priyanka Gupta YU Support On 02-03-2015 10:45 AM, sumedhjawalekar@gmail.com, wrote: any updates on this? On Sat, Feb 28, 2015 at 6:15 PM, Sumedh Jawalekar wrote: i tried to reach out to customer care ..18602122122 its saying number does not exist. On Sat, Feb 28, 2015 at 5:59 PM, Sumedh Jawalekar wrote: hi, my screen is behaving very blurred and even shows many lines of different colors suddenly from yesterday. there is not water damage or accidental damage to the phone but sudden tly it started behaving very bad. as i know it 12 mnths root warranty. please help me on this case. Regards Sumedh

  • i want to purchase micromax yu yureka. It is not available in market?? So tell me about this phone is available in market.

  • ts a good lookin mobile so I want to purchase this yureka. But it is not available in market. Then how can purchase ? plz more & more quantity in online sale plz do this needful.

  • I am using this mobile and this is worst product I ever seen.. Please dont buy. I suggest all buyer can choose other mobiles..more problems in this mobile that’s why its not available in market.

  • micromax ka brand bharose wala brand nahi hai jab itna kuch itne kam dam main mil raha hai to kuch na kuch baat hai nahi to htc samsung oppo sony microsoft jaise naami brand is ki takkar main kyu nhi aa rhe jab ki in brand main itna kuch 20 se 25 hajar ki range main hai ye aam janta ko pagal banane walli baat hai aap ureka ke 13 mp camre ka pata kar sakte hai ki wo 13mp ka hi hai us se jada saaf pic to sony ke 5mp camre main aa jayegi india main log bher chaal par chalte hai ki aaj usne ureka liya hai to mujhe bhi ureka lena hai par quality janne wala kabhi bhi ureka nahi lega kyuki use pata hai ki likhne se aur bolne se koi pital sona nahi ho jata

  • Hai.iam us in yureka phone my pH is normal speaking but chell pull heat .camera flash not worming so healp for service center in chennai

  • Hello frnds…!! There are many problems regarding Battery life…… only 7 hours battery backup……!!!!!! and also you can see the back button on the phone but it is really available in display which is considered in 5.5…..!!

  • bhai mijhe koi batao ki yureka me ek storage se dusre storage me copy kaise karte h or sim card ka contact sow v nahi karta plz tell me

  • These are the FAKE SALE NOs. the Amazon and YU are coming up with. I HAVE BEEN IN PREVIOUS 5 SALES, AND NOT A SINGLE UNIT ADDED TO MY CART. EVEN TWICE, THE PRODUCT WAS ADDED AND TILL PAYMENT, THE QUANTITY WAS MADE 0. A great bluff played, so that they can get maximum hits on thursday. What are the chances that you don’t get it in 5 sales and approx. 80,000 units at dispose. HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED AND FRUSTRATED.

    • Just login 15 min before sale start from Amazon APP Only and stay after 2pm the sale start add mobile to your cart if fail then join waitlist very fastly and stay online you will get 100% mobile

  • Sir. Amazon pe ye natak kab tak chalega normal Koi purchase karna chahta hai to usko iska amount 12500 show karta hai .or kuch log jyada phone lekar Amazon’s setting hai vo 13000 ,14000 Ka beach rahe hai.

  • sir, ye market me kab aayega . Amazon par registration kar rakha hai . but mil nahi pa raha . please reply me.

  • Sir I want to purchase micromax yu yureka so please tell me when can I registration to purchase this phone, Please reply.

    • tell me one thing sim se net use krne pr what’s up se downloading hoti ya hi or play store bhi nhi chl rha h ple. Tell me

  • this phone is hands down the best phone in the market.. my friend got this the other day and was very happy with the product! a must buy :D

  • This phone is very sexy just ae 8999?. I want buy it as soon as possible, the specifications are awesomely incredible. ;)

  • Yureka has aissue of heat up as i was using map and it got heat up to 38 degree. this is the main draw back for this phone

  • too cool smartphone infact best smartphone under 10k that too just priced at rs 8,999 with cyanogenmod operating system superb customization fwatures with amazing canera quality and lots more words are just not enough to say everything so just go and grab one as fast as possible at amazon

  • Some are satisfied nd some are not wt is a confussion? bt m waiting for to get it for me as soon as possible but nly in 8999

    • I would get this phone! its an excellent phone, I’ve been using it for a few weeks and it is one of the best phones i have used!


  • coolest phone ever under 10k just at rs 8,999 with amazing customization by cyanogenmod cant wait to grab it on this mondayB-)

  • guys never go for this device because there is a big issue with this phone proxy sensor not work in this device I have purchased 2 days ago but I am not satisfied with it’s performance this problem is with all yureka device

  • aaj maine micromax yureka k liye amazon pr try kiya but yha cart mai aane k bad bhi nhi le paya price startng mai 12500 mai se 3500 discount krke 8999 hua bt paiment mod pr jane k bad wohi 12500 ka kya hai ye .. ye consumer k sath fruad hai to mai amazon k against consumer court jauga agr wo mre is bat ka rply nhi krte hai to ….

  • i make add to cart yu yureka immediately 1 sec gap when sale started…but i went to waitlist n still not available to buy it..very disappointing. This YU YUREKA mobile is really amazing… Waiting eagerly for this mobile to come. let us hope, today at 5 i m going to register…..

  • sir , i want to open a service center in my local market , because there are no any repairing center in my area. so please call me if u want to give me a license for repairing center of any mobile company , NAME- BRAHMANAND DUBEY, AT- TOPCHANCHI, DIST- DHANBAD, STAT- JHARKHAND. CONT- 9471336903, 9525865933, 7870317606, GMAIL- bdubey0809@gmail.com

  • i make add to cart yu yureka immediately 1 sec gap when sale started…but i went to waitlist n still not available to buy it..very disappointing

  • Hello mere pass ye 3 phone h mujhe 2 sell karne h on 13000 kisi ko chahiye to mujhe is number par whatsapp kare..9509443385 Aman Sharma

  • I want to ask both micromax & amazon regarding micromax yureka phone launched at 20 dec 14 & frist sale was 13 jan 15, second sale was 22 jan. Approximately 7 lack registeration at amazon for this fone and micromax has only 10000 unit for the sale. Than now i want ask than how many year micromax takes to provide the 7 lack unit. So it is do fack for publicity.

  • For all the one interested in micromax yuerka have a chance to buy on 29 the Feb but if you are not lucky enough then contact me or what’s up on 9821833932

  • I’m so excited to buy this phone but it is not available in market’s :( Features are wonderful at an Amazingly price .

  • Now Its price showing 8999/- but when sale starts its price showing 12500/- what is the issue plz clarify.or is this a trap to attract the customers.

  • its a good lookin mobile so I want to purchase this yureka. But it is not available in market. Then how can purchase ? Sanjay jamwal

  • after 22 january,when the next registration is going to started, i want this phone ,,please notify me when the next sal is going to occure..

  • battery is only 2500 mah but 3000-4000 mah would have been great !!! well is this phone will be available on shop or only on online ?

    • These brand new Micromax Yu yureka with bill and 1 Year warranty. This phone is sealed pack. If you want then call 9664263427. This is first come first serve basis. Who come first will get first. So interested please call and come first. Divyang 9664263427

      • isir,i want to1 nos of micromax yuyureka mobile from u,if you 1have then send me.my phone no,9401386621.

    • I saw the advertisement micromax yu yureka mobile phone and also its specifiations and eager to serch. When the product will be released to the market. Where it available. Reply.

  • I want to buy a micromax yureka, so can u help me to buy d yureka phone..now iam using micromax canvas..itz gud only..pH.no9952074482

  • I m gona to buy yu phone so if any complain in yu wil company will replace will full replacement guaranty . Reply me as soon as possible or call ???? me. My contact no is 09002324586. Thank u

  • This mobile 2GB RAM 16GB Internal 2500 Battery Display Gorilla Glass 3 13MP shooter 5MP front camera god very very bettery. Thankyou…! yu yureka main 4 saal se chaina mobile us kar raha hun tho mera yureka mobile registrations karva do

  • 1 when will yureka be available on themarket? AND why there is no COD option for purchasing this phone online? plz hlp

  • http://www.amazon.in/b?ie=UTF8&node=5606984031&ref=spks_0_0_574428087&ie=UTF8&pf_rd_m=A1VBAL9TL5WCBF&pf_rd_s=desktop-auto-sparkle&pf_rd_r=1350YMKWAS2GDPJ9E9SX&pf_rd_p=574428087&pf_rd_t=301&pf_rd_i=micromax%20yureka%20mobile&qid=1421332207 It’s Still Showing 8,999 But We Pay 12,499 What To Do ???

  • its a good lookin mobile so I want to purchase this yureka. But it is not available in market. Then how can purchase ?

  • i already used three phone of mmx and i have not got any problem on MMX Phone now i am using micromax canvas nitro a 310 and now i am gonna to purchase MMX YU YUREKA

  • hi i wana to take hits yureke , but if any problem arise letter then will it be replaced or serviced from service town, its waranty. let me know

  • i want to purchase micromax yu yureka. It is not available in market?? So tell me about this phone is available in market.

  • Helow,its interface is super and smooth,and we cnt say ever that redmi note 4g is better than this,because redmi note is single sim,with low details camera spec as compaired to yu yureka,and also price is high than yu yureka


    • MMX should use Sony IMX 214 sensor with 2.0 or 1.8 aperture.. Their current IMX 15 is a crap. They are still trying to utilize the junk that has been left over by Sony..

  • Finally, decent specification priced smartly from MMX. The phone seems to be great deal at 9K with 4G and Snapdragon 64 bit processor! This would give tough competition to Redmi Note for sure.

  • There are rumours that it’s just re-branded Coolpad F2. And it looks like it’s true if specs are compared. Here is Coolpad F2’s specification link: http://www.devicespecifications.com/en/model/711a2f21

  • MMX churning out another crap series after CANVAS. They would launch a new model every 15 days for YU series but won’t improve the quality of service and product. I would still prefer Moto, Asus or even Xiaomi over MMX. Yu won’t have any ground breaking specs (if the price is 10K). @Arun, MMX doesn’t follow Moto, Xiaomi when it comes to pricing. Check Micromax A311 import price (Rs. 7,016), it’s retailing at Rs. 13,300. I agree this might change with Yu as it would be only online sales model but there is hardly any chances that MMX would price their phone under 12K for first Yu device. I might be wrong though :)

    • @Girish, Just updated the post with the specifications. The phone is not in competition with OnePlus One..rather with Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G. And if it is priced anywhere above 10k, I think Note 4G would be better… 720P, 2GB are average specs in my view

  • […] Indian smartphone users for the giant screen and amazing features at a very reasonable price comes just ahead of the launch of Micromax YU on December 18. Surely, the timing of both these bans could not be a mere […]

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