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Acer Android Mobile now for only Rs. 6990 !

Android based mobile phone prices are coming down fast – really fast. You can now get your hands on a Android Based phone for less than seven thousand rupees – And it is not a Chinese Android phone I am talking about.

Acer beTouch E110 Touchscreen GSM Mobile, which also featured in our 5 Cheapest Android phones available in India can now be purchased for Rs. 6990 only, from the Futurebazaar.

Acer Android Phone

Acer beTouch E110 Touchscreen Android Mobile Features

Futurebazaar has revamped its online strategy and launched a new E-commerce site that offers mobile phones , electronics and other things at deep discounted rates. These are probably just the promotional offers as part of their launch strategy, but I am sure the prices of Android phones are going to keep tumbling.

Huwaei has already announced that it will soon be launching a sub Rs. 5k phone in next couple of months. There is also a news that Micromax has partnered with Android and will be bringing in a Cheap Android phone this Diwali.

Android phones will go fully mainstream and gather critical mass once they are in Rs. 5000 bracket. Imagine even if India has about 2-3% of all mobile subscribers carrying Android phones, we will have about 20 – 25 million Android phones in India itself.

This is going to be a huge opportunity for Android App developers !!

So, there you have it…Acer beTouch Android Mobile for under 7k. If you are planning to buy one, go ahead and buy it now :)

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  1. Pls help me to suggest best mobiles with of touch & type, Querty keypad, 2 sim cards, PDF reader/editor, FM & 32Gm Memory Card Thanks!

  2. hai can i play any games in aakash tab

  3. Hey pratima. lukng gud.

  4. so good in 7K..

  5. sahi hai…….

  6. sahi hai…….

  7. wow cheap android phones.

  8. i think andriod is going to replace all OS from the world market…

  9. Hi Arun Dell also now launched Andriod phoes starting 10,900 Rs and Samsung Galaxy 5 is already in the market and expecting Huawei phones also. Im expecting a new look into the android phones with new post. :)

  10. In fact andriod 2.2 is available now. I’d still buy 1.6 cheap phone to get the first andriod experience.Better than nokia’s close to dead symbian phones or locked down highly overpriced iphones..

  11. @Kartik: Yup, it’s running on the older version of android (2.1 is there in the market now). Think, people will be apprehensive to buy if the price is higher than this, but it’s great news for the people who are planning to buy an android based phone and have budget constraints. My friend is looking for good phone, will probably suggest him.

  12. It appears to run on a older version of android. Given that fact, would anyone buy it had it been priced higher?

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