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Startuppable Markets


[Guest post by Abhijeet Vijayakar] What environmental factors are necessary for startups to flourish? This question has been examined by several authors, and most have ...

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Crowd Sourcing-The Winning Edge For Your Business


Yes, you are reading it right. It indeed is Crowdsourcing and not Outsourcing that can give your business the winning edge. Unfortunately, Crowd Sourcing, a term first coined by Jeff Howe in his article The Rise Of Crowd Sourcing is not as famous as its rhyming twin- Outsourcing.

In it's most crude form, Crowd sourcing is nothing but harnessing the power of Crowd. On a much formal note, Crowd sourcing bears the ideology "More the brains, more the Solutions"…OK, I made that up :).

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Library at your doorstep : Librarywala


We have recently covered Pustak which is a book buying site for book lovers targeted at International editions. Now, the startup we are going to cover makes it easier than Pustak for your wallet. Librarywala is a online lending library. You can search and rent the books online. The books will be delivered to your doorstep. Librarywala is to books what Moviemart is to movies. librarywala How does it work? It works like any other online rental service. You register, pick your books and they will be delivered to your doorstep. You can queue them up if the book is in circulation. You can keep a maximum of 2 or 3 books at a time. The total number of books per month varies from 3 to 12 depending upon your plan.

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Myntra goes big with $5 million funding


myntra Its time we had some funding news for Indian startups. Myntra has raised a cool $ 5million funding led by NEA-IndoUS Ventures and IDG Ventures along with Accel India Venture Fund. Vani Kola, Sudhir Sethi and Gagan Kumar from NEA, IDG and Accel respectively will come on Myntra board. This funding validates that online Tee and other gifting items printing is a fast becoming a big business. Myntra were seed funded earlier and this series A definitely a shot in the arm, especially considering recent no-so-favorable market conditions.

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One more step closer to cash less transactions.


Don’t we all love to be in a world where everything is dynamic? Aren’t we all sick and tired of carrying credit cards, debit cards and cash in our wallet? Don’t we all dream of a day where every transaction is done by a common platform with a single device? The wait I think is getting shorter by the day - Thanks to the entrepreneurial startups like Oxigen, Obopay, Easy Bill and Suvidha.

In a move towards cash less transactions, electronic payment enabler companies are introducing the kirana shop around the corner to be a e-retailer. Dubbed as e-Wallet this new facility will provide cash less way of paying all your bills. The common denominator is your cell phone. The e-Wallet works with your mobile phone to pay your bills. Though no clear information is there, I am guessing the mobile number is tied up with your bank account and you make a purchase by showing your mobile. This is pending RBI guidelines to be implement. The service will be rolled to Mumbai and Chennai to start with.

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Authorstream: Online powerpoint presentations on Steroids


When I came across Authorstream, the immediate thought that came to my mind was it is an exact replica of popular online presentation site Slideshare. However, after a closer look it was clear that Authorstream has number of additional features that makes it quite appealing to online powerpoint presenters ! Authorstream logo Authorstream not only allows users to upload powerpoint presentations online, but it also has ability to convert your presentations into video format (mp4), if you have set up 'Rehearsed Timings' or have recorded audio 'Narrations' in your Powerpoint presentation. The uploaded presentations can also be downloaded to iTunes. Now thats neat !

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The new mantra of PR: Marketing through blogging and Social Networking

Indian blogging scene has grown quite a bit over last 12 to 18 months. Last year in May when I started blogging, there were hardly any blogs that one could name which were even remotely popular, other than Labnol and couple of others. However, over last year or so Indian blogging scene has grown and now we have number of blogs that command decent traffic.

I see exponential growth in Indian bloggers in coming months  , thanks to Aamir, Amitabh and host of other celebrities (latest being Salman Khan ) embracing blogging quite seriously. Yes, it is may be money making source for some, but these celebrities are bringing "blogging" into Mainstream media. Not a single day passes by without some or the other blog content being quoted in our national dailies.

With blogging becoming popular, most PR agencies are looking at bloggers as a serious marketing avenue. During early days of my blogging I used to get standard PR material mailed frequently, most of which could be termed as spam mails, as little consideration was given to who the blogger was, what subject does he write about and so on.

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Top 10 questions to ask yourself before starting an online venture

starting up Questions you should ask

As you may know, I am currently involved in a start-up in online advertising and content display space. Do you know the questions that I asked myself before going ahead with this startup? Here are some of the questions that I asked myself before taking the decision. Once the start-up goes online, I will give my answers and reasoning to these questions below.

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