Winners Of National Startup Awards 2020: These 37 Startups Win Cash Reward From Govt

About 37 startups from over 12 industrial sectors received national awards in India's 1st National Startups Award, 2020.
About 37 startups from over 12 industrial sectors received national awards in India’s 1st National Startups Award, 2020.

In order to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in the country, the Indian government organised the country’s 1st National Startups Awards on Oct 6, 2020.

This 1st edition of the Awards invited applications across 12 sectors, which were further sub-classified into a total of 35 categories.

These startups were awarded the national award from commerce minister Piyush Goyal.

The startup founders received a cash prize of Rs 5 lakh, along with opportunities to present their solutions to relevant public authorities and corporates, for potential pilot projects and work orders. 

The 12 industrial sectors and their adjoining awardees are listed below.



(Winner of) Allied Areas – Fisheries, etc.: Cornext Agri Products Private Limited

This startup company preserves green fodder while in the form of silage, eliminating the problem of green fodder shortage in India

(Winner of) Farmer Engagement and Education: Mandya Organic Foods Private Limited

They help farmers create a self-sufficient lifestyle by adopting chemical-free farming.

(Winner of) Post Harvest: Intello Labs Private Limited

They provide digitized food quality assessments across fresh produce supply chains, to ensure people are buying fresh food and cycle out old stock.

(Winner of) Productivity: Nava Design & Innovation Private Limited

They provide the world’s first robotic coconut sap tapping device which can replicate all the tedious tasks done by a tapper.


(Winner of) Access to Institutional Education: RobotGuru Education Technologies Private Limited

They seek to teach robotics to students, in an integrated manner by integrating hardware and software, along with virtual reality.

(Winner of) Access to Open Education: Kickhead Softwares Private Limited

Their platform allows students to study for their exams, at no charge. Students can read current affairs or answer mock tests for all kinds of government exams, on their platform.

Enterprise Technology

(Winner of) Enterprise Solutions: Unnati Online Private Limited

It provides an automated, voice-enabled digital assistant that helps informal sector workers to find job opportunities, thereby reducing unemployment.


(Winner of) Clean Energy: Aloe E-Cell Private Limited Team

They have created the world’s first 100% eco-friendly and non-hazardous 1.5V AA batteries. This leads to 10% cheaper cost and 71.6% lesser environmental pollution.

(Winner of) Energy Efficiency: Esyasoft Technologies Private Limited

They have created a smart grid which provides IoT solutions and advanced analytics for utilities like energy, water and gas, thus improving the energy efficiency of transmission and distribution systems.


(Winner of) Fintech : Resilient Innovations Private Limited

They offer financial services to the SME sector. Their app, BharatPe provides 0% merchant discount rates (MDRs), providing them with the best lending and deposit rates in the market.


(Winner of) Access to Food: FoodCloud Private Limited:

It is an online marketplace that connects verified home chefs to organizations and individuals with no investment. About 80% of the registered home chefs are women.

(Winner of) Food Processing: God’s Own Food Solutions Private Limited:

While around 80% of jackfruit’s stock is wasted each year, this company is working towards streamlining the organized market for Indian Jackfruits.


(Winner of) Access to Healthcare: Wellthy Therapeutics Private Limited

Their app provides integrated electronic medical reports for patients, with real-time intervention for virtual health coaches, coaching dashboard for paramedical staff and AI powered health bot, among others.

(Winner of) Diagnostics: NIRAMAI Health Analytix Private Limited

They have developed an accurate, affordable solution for detecting early stage breast cancer using artificial intelligence.

(Winner of) Life Sciences: BonAyu Lifesciences Private Limited

They have developed economical topical thin films as an alternative to traditional ointments, creams, gels and toothpastes.

(Winner of) Medical Devices: Innaumation Medical Devices Private Limited

They have built an affordable device which enables throat cancer patients (who have lost their voice box) to speak again.

Industry 4.0

(Winner of) Big Data: UptimeAI Tech Private Limited

With the help of AI, this company helps plant engineers to predict equipment and performance issues before becoming significant failures.

(Winner of) Internet of Things: Minionlabs India Private Limited

With the help of ML and AI, this startup helps save electricity bills.

(Winner of) 3D Printing: Fabheads Automation Private Limited

Having designed and manufactured their own 3D Printers, they use carbon fiber as the printing material instead of plastic or metal. 

(Winner of) Augmented Reality Products/ Wearables: Scapic Innovations Private Limited

Their cloud platform enables brands to create 3D and augmented reality experiences without needing to code it themselves.

(Winner of) Robotics: Planys Technologies Private Limited

They provide underwater inspection solutions.

(Winner of) Computer Vision: GingerMind Technologies Private Limited

Gingermind builds AI-powered smartphone apps and wearables which aid visually challenged individuals.


(Winner of) Citizen Security Solutions: Staqu Technologies Private Limited

They can process real world crime and criminal data using technology which can identify speakers with 94.3% accuracy, regardless of language and words spoken.

(Winner of) Cyber Security: Lucideus Tech Private Limited

They are helping Cyber Security become more objective and easy to understand and with their products helping the country become more cyber-aware.


(Winner of) Hospitality: Feeinsta Consulting & Services Private Limited

They provide a unique package of smart hospitality services and conveniences under one roof.

(Winner of) Travel Planning and Discovery: Param People Infotech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

They allow travelers to transact with verified highway services and amenities, covering more than 60,000 km’s in India.


(Winner of) SpaceTech Solutions: Skyroot Aerospace Private Limited

They provide cost-effective small satellite launch vehicles, with payload carrying capacities to low-Earth orbit. 

(Co-Winner of) Satellite Technologies: Dhruva Space Private Limited

They build small satellite constellations for Earth observation and other scientific applications. 

(Co-Winner of) Satellite Technologies: Bellatrix Aerospace Private Limited


Winner: Azooka Labs Private Limited

Azooka is a specialty fluorescent dye company, manufacturing for genomics research and molecular diagnostics. 

You can find other winners of different sectors here.

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