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How India can win 10 or more Gold Medals by 2020

I got mixed reactions for my post questioning over-the-top celebrations by Indians on winning solitary Gold Medal. India as on today, has atleast 3 medals in its kitty (first time ever) and I am extremely happy and proud about that !

However, India can achieve 10 times more medals in Olympics. Do you want to know how?

Sramana Mitra has been writing series of posts on Vision India 2020 pertaining to various verticals and one of her posts puts across an interesting thought.

One of her post deals with a media company called NCTV and how it can change Indian sports for good. It is an interesting concept and I urge readers to go through it.

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BigTV launches today – Should Dish TV, Tata sky worry?


big TV Reliance ADAGYes, sure they should? BigTV will launch today with much better MPEG4 compression technology compared to MPEG2 technology used by Dish TV and Tata Sky, that would enable Big TV to offer over 240 channels versus the 160 channels that can be offered on MPEG2 Platform. It also delivers much better picture and sound quality than MPEG2. Knowing Reliance group, they will not hold back anything. Infact, Reliance ADA Group, company behind Big TV has lined up Rs 100 crores for advertising and promotional campaign to make an impact in this highly competitive segment.

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ISD at Rupee 2 per minute, STD at 50 paise – Isn’t that music to ears !

Couple of months back, most of the mobile companies slashed their local and STD rates by as much as 40%, making STD calls rates at 1.50 paise per minute. India already has the cheapest call rates worldwide and I did not expect the rates to come down further, be it mobile or landline.

However, to everybody’s surprise TRAI has now decided to allow internet calls to be terminated on fixed and mobile networks and vice-versa, that will drastically bring down the call rates, especially International calls.

Just to give you the perspective of call rates in future – Expect calling your friend abroad for just Rupee 1 to 2 per minute nearly fraction of Rs. 7 per minute charged currently. STD call rates could come as low as 30 to 50 paise per minute… Imagine that ! You can  Imagine what your local call charges would be !

Huge congratulations to TRAI for making such a move. It is one of the best move that will take Indian ICT to new levels !

The telecom regulator has thrown open the voice market to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), ushering in the promise of between 40% and 80% lower voice tariffs. With this, TRAI has — in a single stroke — destroyed some of the last regulatory barriers to advanced and cheaper technology.

And with ISPs set to hammer rates down to a new low, mobile service providers will be left with little choice but to follow suit.

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RealAcres gets acquired by iproperty…online real estate portals showing signs of consolidation.


This year has not been too kind for property market in India as well as globally. The property prices are falling and most of the consumers are sitting on the fence with the hope of that property market will fall further. Various surveys suggest that property transactions have fallen by as much as 50% compared to last year.

In this kind of scenario, the online real estate portals have also seen a sharp fall in their visitors and transactions making their life much harder. Given the circumstance, RealAcres, one of the leading online real estate portals in India has agreed to part with majority stake to Asia’s leading network of property portals, iproperty.com.

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Two Indians raking big moolah as per Forbes top-paid young CEOs list


Forbes recently released the top-paid young CEOs list that features two Indians (or should I say Indian origin) - Adobe's Shantanu Narayen and Cognizant's Francisco D'Souza.

The list that features 15 top-paid young CEOs ranks Narayen at 5th and D'Souza at the 15th position. In terms of age, D'Souza is the youngest of the 15 CEOs at 39.

The top spot is taken by Pakistiani origin Nabeel Gareeb, who is the CEO of chip-maker MEMC Electronic Materials (Interestingly, Gareeb in hindi means Poor – what a Oxymoron :). He takes home annual pay package of 79.6 million dollars (roughly 315 crore rupees) !

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Google, Yahoo and Microsoft sued by Indian Supreme Court for displaying gender selection advertisements

The age old controversy remains. Who is responsible for showing banned advertisements? Is it the Ad platform or the person who is advertising on that platform? In my book it is the latter, however Indian Supreme court thinks otherwise. They have slapped notices to Google, Yahoo and Microsoft for displaying gender selection advertisements targeted at Indian users.

The advertisement of products and techniques to aid in the selection of an unborn child's sex is an offense under India's "The Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act".

According to the petitioner, Sabu Matthew George, search engines, video sharing sites and social networking sites, including Google's Orkut and YouTube have been displaying these objectionable ads.

The law books hold network service providers liable unless they can prove that the offense or contravention was committed without their knowledge or that they had exercised all due diligence to prevent the commission of such offense or contravention.

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1.2 billion people – 1 Gold Medal – and we rejoice like we have topped the Olympic Medal Chart !

Since the news of Abhinav Bindra winning a Gold Medal at Beijing Olympics has arrived, every news media – from TV to news papers to blogs have been in utter jubilation .

Taking nothing away from Abhinav Bindra, he has achieved something that no other Indian can boast of – an individual Gold Medal at Olympics - but as a nation of 1.2 billion people should be so very happy for winning 1 Gold Medal ?

In last Olympics when we won a Silver, everyone concluded that it was a successful Olympic campaign ! give me a break. Are we satisfied with so little?

Just to put things in perspective – Countries with a fraction of a size of India and much poorer (Kenya, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia etc. etc..) manage to win many medals in every outing of Olympics and we are happy winning one medal – Infact, it is a reason for country’s jubilation !

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Iphone only a fortnight away – Indian Mobile users can buy Iphone through Airtel starting August 22nd


The date is out ! Indian mobile users can get their hands on iconic Apple Iphone starting August 22nd through Airtel Relationship centers across India. The rumors had it that Iphone will available in Indian market sometime in September, but Airtel has given pleasant surprise to Indian mobile users by announcing an earlier date. apple-iphone-3g Although the date has been declared, the Airtel officials are still not commenting on what price Iphone will be available at. I am not really sure why Airtel has been so secretive about pricing even though customers will be able to buy them within next 15 days !

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Will the Nano come out on time and at what price?


The world is eagerly waiting to see when, how and at what price Tata Nano is going to get launched. Most of the people I have spoken to and most of the articles I have read are very very skeptical about Tata Nano’s arrival– A One lakh rupees ($2500) people’s car. Even though Ratan Tata had gone ahead and announced that he will keep his promise on Tata Nano earlier this year in Auto Expo, most Automakers across the globe are still not convinced. The Tata Nano is supposed to hit the roads by end of this year, but with problems faced for setting up Tata Nano production plant at Singur in West Bengal, it seems quite unlikely ! Tata Nano car

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Dignitysecondcareers.org : Job portal for senior citizens


Finally something for senior citizens on the net ! ICICI Prudential life and dignity foundation announced launch of a job portal – www.dignitysecondcareers.org - for senior citizens. dignitysecondcareers I must say this can become a real boon to retired and senior citizens. Each one of us have surely come across senior citizens who have wealth of experience in their kitty and have lot of time on hands – and want to work. In most cases, it is not for money, but they are just looking for a productive way to spend their free time. Retired people above the age of 50 years can post their resumes on the portal for a small fee of Rs. 100 (I do not agree with this, they should have kept it free). Employers can access the resumes for jobs which suit the profile of the candidates

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Introducing trak.in jobs, powered by Jobyantra


Okay, I have been wanting to put up a job board on this blog for a long time, but have somehow not got around doing it. Luckily a new Indian startup seems to have made it easier for me. Jobyantra, a recently launched startup has created a platform that makes putting up job board on a blog or site much easier. The idea behind Jobyantra is that unlike big job sites (Naukri, Timesjobs) where you get a lot of fluff candidates, their platform provides companies with targeted and high quality candidates who visit niche blogs and sites on regular basis, many of whom don’t even think of posting resumes on sites like Naukri. So how does Jobyantra work? JobYantra Employers can post Jobs on Jobyantra network and these jobs are published on all the partner network blogs and sites. Jobyantra helps publisher to replicate the look and feel of the job board that matches with the partner site. You can view the Trak.in job board to get a feel of how it looks for a partner blog.

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Vision India 2020

I have been reading Sramana Mitra’s blog on strategy for over a year now. Some of her posts (and some guest post’s) on strategies have been my favorite, especially on Web 3.0 series.

She has written a new series called Vision India 2020, which makes very interesting reading, specifically  for Entrepreneurs.

Preface to Vision India 2020 in her own words:

This is a new series in which I invite readers to take a journey with me into the future through the minds of multiple entrepreneurs, who by addressing the opportunities I see today, will perhaps shape the future of India.

But in this series, we will close our eyes, and exist in this future, and BE each entrepreneur.

Here are the current articles in the Vision India 202 series: MIT India, Urja, Lucid, Darjeeling, Renaissance, Gangotri, Maya Ray, Elixar, Bioscope, Thakur, and AdiShakti.

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IIM-A ranked best business school by Zee Business Best B School Survey

Trak.in does get a lot of traffic on the post I published last year on India’s top Business Schools. That was a survey done by Outlook.

However, from this year Zee Business has associated itself with Global firm Synovate to rank India’s top B-Schools based on 5 different categories and then arriving at overall ranking.

Here are the 5 different categories based on which Top Indian business school ranking was arrived at:

  1. Course Content
  2. Industry Interface / linkages with Industry
  3. Overall Placements
  4. Top B-School Global exposure
  5. Infrastructure facilities

IIM Ahmedabad was top ranked business school in all categories except Global exposure, which went to IIPM. Based on overall ranking too IIM – Ahmedabad was at the top followed by IIM Bangalore and IIM- Calcutta.

Here are the full rankings of India’s top business schools.


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