Indian Railways Convert These Express Trains Into Superfast Trains (Full List)

Even though Indian Railways has no direct competitor per se, it still tries its best at increasing customer satisfaction. And what better way to improve customer experience than to reduce the time required for travel, isn’t it? Yes, and going by the same logic Indian Railways have converted some of the express railways into superfast ones.

South Central Railway(SCR) converts most of the express trains into superfast trains

In the latest movement, South Central Railway (SCR) zone has converted some of the existing express trains to the superfast category. This move will reduce the travel time and will lead to the convenience of passengers traveling on those trains.

The SCR has also taken the decision to convert some of the passengers’ trains to Express trains from October. 

After the revised categorization of the passenger trains by SCR, out of a total of 872 trains that operate in the zone, the speed of 673 trains has been upgraded to higher speeds.

The list of trains converted from Mail/Express to Superfast is as follows:

Sl. No. Old T.No. From-To New SpecialSuperfastT.No.
       1 17025/17026 Secunderabad – ManuguruExp 02745/02746
       2 17213/17214 Narasapur – NagarsolExp 02713/02714
      3 17605/17606 Kacheguda – Mangaluru CentralExp 02777/02778
      4 17017/17018 Secunderabad -RajkotExp 02755/02756
      5 17203/17204 Kakinada Town-BhavnagarExp 02699/02700
      6 17037/17038 Secunderabad-Hisar 02789/02790

The train timings have been changed from 1st October

The salient features of the new Public Time Table include the introduction of the new trains, Conversion of Mail/ Express trains to Superfast express and Passenger to Express trains, diversion of trains, Speeding up of trains, change in Terminal over South Central Railway.

The latest changes have come into effect from 1 October. Hence passengers traveling from 1 October are advised to check actual train timings before the commencement of their journey.

All detailed information pertaining to the latest developments can be found either by visiting the IRCTC website (, National Train Enquiry System (NTES), or by approaching the station manager/enquiry counter of concerned railway stations.

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