Maharashtra State Transport Buses to Offer Free Wi-Fi!


Next time when you are traveling in Maharashtra State Transport’s AC buses, you may be in for a surprise!

According to a TOI news, MSRTC will be installing wi-fi sets in around 100 Shivneri Volvo buses connecting Mumbai and Pune that will enable bus passengers to access internet completely free of cost.

Shivneri bus internet

[Original Image: Aditya Rane]

I personally use these buses quite often during my travels to Mumbai and 3-4 hours (one way) on these buses generally are quite un-productive. The only thing probably you can do is read books, newspapers or play games on your mobile. Yes, you can use the data services on your smartphone, but connectivity is quite poor once you leave the periphery of both the cities.

With introduction of free internet on the buses, the journey is sure to be more productive and appealing. Also, the passengers on Pune-Mumbai Shivneri buses are mostly day trippers who are either professionals or businessmen. The six to seven hours they will end up spending in the buses (to and fro) are sure to be more fruitful.

Not only will these buses have Wi-fi, but will also be fitted with CCTV cameras and GPS tracking that will help in monitoring movement of buses from central control room as well as deter bag-lifters and thefts that are quite common on these buses.

From passengers point of view, it is great because they do not have to pay any additional money for all these extra services. MSRTC will cover the expenses of these extra features by offering advertising on these AC buses.

How will Wi-Fi work

The system will work similar to how hotspots work. When the passenger connects the smartphone or laptop to the available wi-fi network, they will be asked for details such as email id and mobile number. They will then be sent login credentials to their mobile, which could be used access internet through the journey.

MSRTC plans to maintain and store all the records of people accessing the internet, so as to ensure that no one uses free internet services for destructive purposes. Internet will come to these Shivneri buses via direct satellite link-up.

So, next time you are on one of those buses try to make use of the free wi-fi services and don’t forget to let us know your experience using it!

  1. Machindra choramule says

    Wi-Fi password

  2. PRASHANT says

    Hi when I am playing video show, count pay video
    Please solution

  3. Prasanna pandit says

    I think we are expecting too much from government of India….. At least they provide some basic services. Thank God.

  4. Amarnath says

    It is good but not connecting at all, I travel more than 5 times in week but it is not connecting so I get frustrated plz help also no customer care no was available for any query or for resolving such issue even driver and conductor are not aware plz close this loop hole in such good facility

  5. Vaibhav Shingade says

    Hi…. I am a regular trabelling in MSRTC buses. I travel 20 days in a month. I like to watch the serials and movies in MSRTC buses which is powered by voot. However i get embarresed each time due to very low soundwhich is even harder to hear using good quality headphones. Watching the moviewithout headphones is impossible however even after using headphones its hard to hear. I request to the team to look into this

  6. Yuvraj Mantri says

    These wifi service is now available in maharashtra from mumbai to pune or pune to nashik or pune to aurangabad ( all shivneri or AC msrtc buses )they make us log in to and then we r directed to voot website where we r having pre loaded data only the problem is as soon as u leave the bus station within some minutes the wifi hotspot is turned of by the drivers and thats not fare ?

  7. nehaindia says

    Its great new. but i have one doubt for inter state buses will have wifi ? or only traving within Maharashtra wil have wifi

  8. Altaf Rahman says

    One point I would like to bring is, I am sure people are already using the travel time for good productivity using their 3G mobiles / tablets. You are paying for 6-7 hours of expensive prices to the telcom companies.
    Now if people can divert this 6-7 hours of connectivity to free wi-fi, they can save on lot of money.

    Just my two paisa :)

  9. Rohit says

    Basic problem, when the 3G/2G network itself is not stable, what good will be connectivity via this wifi, after all it will have to depend on same 3G backhaul

    Rather it would be fun to travel and hack into co-passengers laptops :)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      @rohit… I agree… and I forgot to add that in the article… One thing that needs to be closely looked at is obviously the reliability of data connection… All this means nothing if you have a unreliable connection

    2. Yuvraj Mantri says

      Bro it will have direct satelite link … so these wifi hotspot is have preloaded data like video and movies etc … so it will not affect the connection or speed on wifi tough ur not have ur 2G/3G signals ??

  10. Elinor says

    I believe offering free wi-fi on Maharashtra State Transport’s buses is an excellent idea, business professionals can then be much more productive on their journey to work than if they were driving.

    How I wish they would offer more services like this in the UK, travelling on coach from Cardiff to Heathrow airport in London can be a drag, internet access would make this 5 hour journey far more enjoyable :)

  11. Anand Karwa says

    Is there any restriction on the bandwidth and data allotted to each user?

    An honest doubt- How do they keep track of the records of the activities of the people using VPN or TOR? OR the combo of both of them OR https proxies OR proxy chaining?

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      @anand – There will be some limit of course…and probably each connection to wifi will have limited speed and bandwidth…or else, people will plan their torrent downloads during their travels :D

      If you are using a proxy, I am not sure if they can track the activities you do… and probably that is a good idea …isnt it?

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