Indian Literary Works to Benefit due to Rise in eBook Popularity


Noble laureate Ernest Hemingway said “There is no friend as loyal as a book”. However, for the modern generation it can be rightly said that “There is no friend as loyal as an eBook”. The knowledge of Gen Y about authors and their creations is totally stunning. They have more information about the books than one can even think of.

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Young book lovers are more comfortable reading books online or downloading eBooks on computers, phones and other devices. They are quickly becoming addicted to digitized versions of both fictions and non-fictions and consequently the sale of electronic books are rapidly gaining pace. The eBook industry is seeing a growth prospect. Although, India is yet to feel the heat, major publishers and business owners have already taken their first step towards this digital universe.


EBook Market in India

According to FICCI reports, there are 600 million book readers in India. The Sales and Marketing Director of Simon & Schuster India, Rahul Srivastava mentioned that, in a survey carried out among 10 countries, Indian people has purchased and downloaded maximum eBooks. The device friendly youngsters are ready to embrace new trend of digitized reading.

Over an expanse of thousand years, drama, fiction, poetry, non-fiction and all other forms of literature are penned down in each of the major Indian languages. With more than two dozen of the officially recognized languages; every region of India offers a literary genre that is unique and amazing. Unfortunately, it is tough for the book lovers to find these creations online.

In India, technology has advanced enough for comfortable reading of eBooks in any devices but the eBook shelves do not have the adequate collection of rich Indian literary works.

The Indian publishers and book sellers have identified the longing of e-readers and are trying to introduce various Indian literary works in digitized formats. This is great news for those especially attracted to digital page turners.

Advantages of eBooks

The habit of reading digitized versions is quickly gaining popularity among city’s youth for numerous reasons. Students and young professionals love the eBook platform as they can access many books free-of-cost and other books at relatively lower costs. It is hard to carry thick paperbacks while travelling. It is simple to download your choice of books in phone or laptop and read at convenience.

The young population of India often do not find an opportunity to visit bookstores and buy books. Rather, they find it simple to find a book online. Thus, it can be said that the demand for eBooks rest on reasons like easy availability and cost effectiveness.

Another major factor is that there is no storage problem with these eBooks. It depends solely on a machine’s memory capacity. Literally, a reader can carry a library all the time.

The Digital Library

Those living abroad find it a problem to get a copy of their favourite Indian books. These book addicts can now visit some popular digital libraries and download their favourite e-copy.

Some of the libraries even include books like ‘Hajabarala’, ‘Chander Pahar’, ‘The Vision’, ‘AmmAntirBhepu’ and many others. There are also numerous other notable creations like ‘Sakoontala or The Lost Ring’, ‘Tales from the Hindu Dramatists’, ‘ The Poison Tree’ and various others. In order to search the book, one has to just mention the book’s name, author or publisher. It is incredibly simple and swift.

Reading eBooks

There is a misconception that eBooks can only be accessed through Kindle, eBook reader or an iPad, it is also possible to download and read eBooks on your PC.

It is not tough to find out eBooks in digital libraries compatible with Windows or Mac computers. But one has to install eBook reader support software like Adobe Digital Editions to access the book.

The support software like Bluefire or Aldikowill enable to access books from Android or iOS platforms. An avid reader can download any of this software free of cost from their respective website.

With this initiative the passionate Indian and global e-readers can simply access the rich cultural Indian literary works. The Indian readers now have the freedom to read their regional language books any time, any place and on any device.

[box type=”shadow” ]Author Bio: Santanu Chowdhury, the CEO of SwiftBoox brings nearly 13 years of experience within the IT industry. His objective is to take rich Indian culture, heritage and literature to the international level and meet the demand of global readers for Indian literary heritage.[/box]

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  1. Vandhana Karthick says

    Day by day trend changes and now ebook is one of the fashion and can be read at any time when in travel too. Nobody can borrow the books and it need to be kept safe without any damage. But all the problem solved here and we can search with the name anywhere in the computer or any other device. It is very much attractive news to hear that Indian people easily adopt to new methods easily whichever makes their work easier and time consuming.

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