World’s Longest Train Is 2-Kms Long With 100 Connected Coaches: And It Passed Through Swiss Alps!

A train recently passed through the Swiss Alps in Switzerland. One might think – what’s so special about a train passing through the Swiss Alps? 

World's Longest Train Is 2-Kms Long With 100 Connected Coaches: And It Passed Through Swiss Alps!

This train is the world’s longest passenger train is what

The train is nearly two kilometers long and has about 100 connected coaches.

Longest Passenger Train Runs Through Swiss Alps

The train has now made a new world record of being the longest passenger train, as confirmed by the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) at an event that marked the 175th anniversary of Switzerland’s famous railway system.

While other freight trains that are over three kilometers long are longer than this one, this train is categorized as a passenger train.

On Saturday, nearly 3,000 people paid top dollar for tickets to watch the journey on a huge screen set up near Bergun, which is halfway through the train’s winding Albula/Bernina route, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Many people gathered close to the mountain roads and paths as the train passed by the trees, which were painted in autumnal hues.

The majestic Landwasser Viaduct, which rises 65 metres above the ravine below, was one of 48 bridges and 22 helical tunnels that were part of the route.

teThe train consists of 25 detachable multiple-unit trains that are about 1910 metres in length altogether. Seven drivers will make sure that all 25 trains are on the same track, accelerating and braking at the same time, and the first driver will direct the others while there are a total of 21 technicians onboard.

The first train service in the affluent Alpine nation started on August 9 and took 33 minutes to travel 23 kilometres to the northwest from Zurich to Baden.

India’s Longest Freight Train

In India, the South East Central Railway took efforts in running a massive 3.5-km-long train with 295 wagons carrying 27,000 tonnes. According to the national transporter, so far this is the longest and heaviest freight train that the Railways has ever operated, and it crosses a station in around four minutes.

The name of this train was Super Vasuki, known as the Hindu god of serpents. It is famous as Shiva’s snake, Vasuki, is portrayed as being around his neck, and also has a gem on his head called a Nagamani.

Moreover, the Super Vasuki carries enough coal to operate a 3000 MW power plant for a whole day, as per the information provided by the officials.


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