Govt Of India Will Regulate & Control Digital Media; 1867 Press and Registration of Books Act Will Be Replaced

Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur said that a bill is being formulated in order to regulate digital media.

Govt Of India Will Regulate & Control Digital Media; 1867 Press and Registration of Books Act Will Be Replaced


Govt’s intention

“Digital media presents opportunities as well as challenges. To have a fine balance, the government will see what can be done on this.

I would say that changes have to be brought in law, we will bring that to make your work simple and easy. 

We are working to introduce a bill,” Thakur said.

Reasoning behind bill

He said there used to be one-way communication of news earlier.

But the difference is now that the same has become multidimensional with the development of electronic and digital media.

Citing an example, he said now even small news of a village reaches the national platform through digital media.

Thakur said the government has left most of the print, electronic, and digital media to self-regulation.

Expedited newspaper registration process

He further said that one of the steps to be implemented will be simplification of the process of registration of newspapers.

He said newspapers should bring the “right news before the public at the right time”.

Also, it’s not just the shortcomings of the government but also public welfare schemes and policies of the government that should reach the common people.

Warning to media

The central government will soon bring a new law to replace the 1867 Press and Registration of Books Act.

Along this vein he addressed the media to do its work “responsibly” and avoid creating an atmosphere of “fear and confusion.” 

As per this new law the registration process can be completed in a week through online mode instead of the four months procedure it was earlier.

He went on to assure journalists that the Centre will not act against their interests and that financial assistance will be provided to families of the journalists who died of Covid.

30 Mins daily broadcasting of government content

Earlier this month, the Union Cabinet had approved the ‘Guidelines for Uplinking and Downlinking of Television Channels in India, 2022’.

As per that, channels are obligated to telecast content in national and public interest.

Per the new guidelines, at least 30 minutes have to be allocated every day to telecast content pertaining to “public service and national interest”, for which eight themes have been given to channels for creation of content.

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