3-Days Salary Cut For Govt Employees If They Don’t Wear Smartwatch In This City!

In a shocking turn of events, the mayor of Panchkula announced that salaries of more than 300 workers.

The reason? They were  not wearing smart watches!

3-Days Salary Cut For Govt Employees If They Don't Wear Smartwatch In This City!

Read on to find out all the details about this peculiar reason for a pay cut!

Three Days’ Salary Cut For Not Wearing Smartwatches in Panchkula

The mayor of Panchkula reportedly ordered that the salaries of over 300 employees who did not wear smartwatches be released after subtracting their three-day wages.

The decision was made at a meeting of the finance and contract committee, which was presided over by mayor Kulbhushan Goyal and discussed ongoing projects. He announced this decision while presiding over a finance and contract committee meeting, where he also discussed ongoing projects. 

As per the minutes of the meeting, “Three-day salary of over 300 employees will be deducted as they were not wearing smart watches when the mayor inspected the attendance system last week.”

The employees of the municipal corporation have received the GPS-equipped smart watches to track attendance.

The mayor had previously instructed staff members not to disclose their pay, but the ‘penalty’ has since been reduced to a three-day pay decrease, it continued. 

The mayor has also instructed to issue new tenders as the business handling the work of the attendance system’s tender is due to expire.

Night Sweeping Equipment Also Inspected

The mayor observed 433 sanitation workers wearing the smart watches and 273 not wearing them during the inspection. There were 19 employees wearing it in the electrical wing and 11 who were not. 74 employees in the gardening division were discovered wearing the timepieces, whereas 18 weren’t.

Along with council members Suresh Verma and Jai Kaushik, Goyal also examined night sweeping equipment. Two of the four machines lacked brushes, while the other two were broken.

In order to maintain oversight, the Panchkula MC introduced GPS-enabled wrist watches in 2019 and made wearing them mandatory for employees so as to keep an eye on their movements.

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