Ola Electric Bike Scam Hits 1000+ Victims: Crores Robbed In This Scam (But How?)

More than a thousand people across India have fallen prey to an online scam involving Ola electric scooty. 

Ola Electric Bike Scam Hits 1000+ Victims: Crores Robbed In This Scam (But How?)

Good news is that a minimum of 16 people have been arrested already. 

Read on to find out how this scam unfolded.

Thousands Scammed In Online Ola Bike Scam

On Monday, the Delhi Police’s cybercrime unit exposed a pan-Indian Ola electric scooter scam that has defrauded over a thousand people. 

According to deputy commissioner of police (Outer North) Devesh Mahla, at least 16 people have been detained in connection with the case from several cities throughout the nation, including Bengaluru in Karnataka, Gurugram in Haryana, and Patna in Bihar.

He said, “We busted the call centre running the scam in Patna and arrested 16 people. 114 SIM cards, over 60 mobile phones, and seven laptops have been seized and 25 bank accounts with over ?5 crore transactions have been traced. At least 1,000 victims are connected so far with the scam.”

Modus Operandi of Scammers

The DCP claims that on October 7, one of the victims reported an online scooty scam to the police, which led to the start of technological surveillance and the arrest of the perpetrators.

According to the authorities, two individuals in Bengaluru created a phony website for Ola’s electric scooters. According to reports, the pair used to share the victims’ mobile numbers and other information with their gang members in other states as soon as people used to enter their details on their websites.

The police further stated that the gang members then demanded transfers of between 60,000 and 70,000 in payment for the scooter’s insurance and transportation costs.

India Losing Rs 100 Crore Every Day In Banking Frauds

In March, we had reported that India has lost a minimum of Rs. 100 crore every day to bank frauds or scams in the last seven years, as revealed by the Reserve Bank of India. 

Maharashtra has ranked first in this table and accounted for 50% of the money involved. The state has been followed by Delhi, Telangana, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, and together these states accounted for Rs. 2 lakh crore, which is 83% of the quantum of the money lost to financial fraud. 

A banking fraud of Rs. 2.5 lakh was detected across states between the time period from April 1, 2015 and December 31 last year.

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