Highly Processed Food Like Frozen Pizza, Ready-To-Eat Snacks Can Kill You: Health Research

Do you choose a frozen pizza or a ready to eat packet for a quick snack? You’d better think twice next time! 

Highly Processed Food Like Frozen Pizza, Ready-To-Eat Snacks Can Kill You: Health Research

Latest studies have shown that consumption of highly processed foods, such as breads, soft drinks loaded with sugar, will result in premature deaths.

Highly Processed Food Causing Premature Deaths

On studying the death rates in Brazil in 2019, scientists found out that there has been an increase in the consumption of ultra-processed foods or UPFs. In fact, this has been the major reason for as much as 10% of premature deaths.

The study was just published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, which discovered that in the South American nation that year, UPFs with few or no whole foods in their ingredients were responsible for roughly 57,000 premature deaths.

The consumption of UPFs throughout the study period in Brazil, according to researchers, varied across all age groups and sex strata and ranged from 13 to 20% of total food intake.

According to data, 261,061 of the 541,260 persons between the ages of 30 and 69 who were discovered to have passed away too soon in 2019 suffered from preventable, non-communicable diseases.

The study discovered that 57,000 deaths, or slightly more than 10% of all premature deaths and more than a fifth of all deaths from avoidable noncommunicable diseases in individuals aged 30 to 69, could be linked to the use of UPFs.

Why Are UPFs Harmful?

UPFs are also low in protein and fibre and high in added sugar, fat, and salt, according to scientists.

Brazilian scientists, including those from the University of So Paulo, call the findings “alarming,” particularly in light of the fact that Brazilians consume significantly less of these goods than people in wealthy nations.

As per Eduardo AF Nilson, co-author of the study, “Previous modeling studies have estimated the health and economic burden of critical ingredients, such as sodium, sugar, and trans fats, and specific foods or drinks, such as sugar-sweetened beverages.”

He also said that the possible effect of UPFs on premature deaths hasn’t been quantified in any study yet, as far as he was aware. Knowing the mortality linked to these foods’ intake and simulating how dietary modifications can support more successful food policies can help reduce disease and premature deaths.


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