Only These Indian iPhone Users Will Get 5G; Apple Confirms The Date Of 5G Availability

Apple is all set to rollout 5G support for its smartphones in India starting next week.

Only These Indian iPhone Users Will Get 5G; Apple Confirms The Date Of 5G Availability


Beta software program

This is part of a beta software program that will allow iPhone users on the networks of Airtel and Reliance Jio access 5G in parts of the country where 5G is currently supported.

Users of 5G-enabled iPhones have to download the iOS 16 Beta software update in order to be able to use the service on Airtel and Jio’s network.

The option will only be available to people who have 5G-enabled iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPhone SE (3rd generation) models.

The beta program also lets users try out pre-released software and the latest features before a wider rollout.

Users will be able to provide feedback to Apple on the quality and usability of the software.

How to participate 

In order to participate in the Apple Beta Software Program, users have to enroll their iPhone for the program and install the updates as they are rolled out.

This is a meaningful development since the company had said earlier that it will release software updates for 5G support in India by December.

Now with the beta program, users will be able to use 5G on iPhones much before that.

Currently, a number of 5G-enabled smartphones sold in the country don’t support the bands launched in India.

The IT Ministry called on Apple, Samsung and other smartphone makers to start supporting 5G on their devices.

Samsung devices

As per information on Airtel’s website, some of Samsung’s entry-level smartphones have been updated to support Airtel 5G.

However, several of its mid-tier to flagship phones such as the S20 fan edition and Galaxy Z fold 2 do not currently support the network.

The phonemaker had said last month that its phones will start supporting 5G from mid-November.

“In India, Samsung has the widest portfolio of 5G devices.

We are working closely with our operator partners and are committed to rolling out OTA updates across all our 5G devices by mid-November 2022, enabling Indian consumers to experience 5G seamlessly,” a Samsung India spokesperson had said at the time.

What 5G means for consumers

5G promises superior Internet speed and low latency.

At its peak, Internet speeds on 5G could touch 10 Gbps, compared to the 100 Mbps peak of 4G.

Latency under 4G is between 10-100 ms (millisecond), whereas it is expected to be under 1 ms on 5G.

Latency refers to the time it takes for a device to send packets of data and get a response.

So the lower, the better.

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