[Exclusive Interview] This Startup Is Automating Workflows With Single-Click API Integrations: Find Out How?

Recently we interacted with Dr. Milind Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Quickwork, and asked about his views about the IT and Digital ecosystem, and how his company is trying to disrupt the ecosystem.

[Exclusive Interview] This Startup Is Automating Workflows With Single-Click API Integrations: Find Out How?

Q1. What is Quickwork’s unique offering and how does it differentiate itself from its competitors?

Answer: As companies across the globe embark on the journey of digital transformation, they often have to contend with multifaceted challenges. Prominent among these are 

a) integrating the systems, applications, and programs within the organization and

 b) integrating on-premise and legacy systems with newly developed applications or programs. 

Quickwork with its versatile and holistic integration capabilities helps firms easily overcome both these critical challenges. The company offers a comprehensive 1,500+ apps suite which makes the integration a seamless affair for professional and citizen developers. Quickwork’s pre-integrated architecture offers real-time integration capabilities for both on-premise and on-cloud apps with the legacy systems of the organization. Further adding to the platform’s uniqueness is its capability to build complex workflows and convert them into shareable APIs. No wonder, Quickwork has today emerged as a one-stop solution for all integration leads of firms operating in the domain of Financial Technology, Supply Chain, IoT, and messaging among others. 

Q2 How does this startup help enterprises build simple and complex workflows?

Answer: The rising complexity of the business environment has entailed organisations to use a large number of applications within their operating environment. While ordinary integration platforms are only capable of building simple workflows, Quickworks allows the building of complex workflows involving more than 100 applications and 1000s of steps. To further enhance convenience, Quickwork offers easily customisable rules and logic that can be embedded at different stages of workflows. In sum, Quickwork can easily meet even the most complex workflow requirement of firms with absolute ease and convenience. 

Q3 Strategies for a CXO to achieve the integration objectives?

Answer: First and foremost, CXOs must focus on enhancing the core capabilities of organisations and should avoid building integration platforms in-house as the process is complex and might not result in desired capabilities on the integration front. When choosing the integration platforms, preference must be given to those offering a large number of Pre-integrated app suites allowing for transactions in real-time. It is also important to evaluate the integration platforms on their ability to scale infinitely to accommodate the future growth needs of firms. Further, checking the accreditations and compliance certifications achieved by the integration platform on critical aspects of performance and security should also be among the top things that the top management must consider before making a final selection on the integration platform. 

Q4 How Quickwork helps you convert any workflow into an API with its single-click API Management?

Answer: With the help of its API management capabilities, Quickworks allows users to convert workflows into APIs sets that can be shared across stakeholders in the ecosystem. Irrespective of the nature of the workflow whether simple or complex, API management of Quickwork makes the sharing of converted APIs fully secure, thereby helping the entire ecosystem to get connected with each other. This, in turn, helps firms to achieve business excellence by exchanging data securely between and across vendors, partners and supply chain participants of the organisation.

Q5.What is the need for system and application integration for any enterprise?

Answer: To achieve the desired level of agility, versatility, and flexibility, it is absolutely essential for organizations to integrate systems and applications in a coherent and consistent manner. The older legacy systems in the companies often result in disparate programs and applications which obstruct the free flow of information between different stakeholders. With the help of integration capabilities, organizations can enable seamless data exchange and help companies realize the full potential of their functional procedures and operational mechanisms. Further, APIs workflows can significantly enhance the productivity of teams and help scale up by leveraging emerging business opportunities. 

Q6 What are the future plans of the company?

Answer: With revenue projected to cross $3 million in ARR by the end of FY 2022-23, Quickwork is looking to acquire 100 new customers in this period. The company serves its users in more than 145 countries and going forward, it has plans to expand its presence to more nations and territories. The ramping up of the existing infrastructure, which has processed more than 25 Billion app transactions with an enviable rate of 5000+ per second, is also on the agenda of the company. Moreover, Quickwork is also focusing on increasing the number of pre-integrated applications on its platform which by the current measure stands at 1,500. 

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