Govt Asks Aadhaar Card Holders To Immedietely Update Their Information: Is Your Aadhaar 10 Years Old?

New orders from the government have stated that Aadhaar holders who received their ID more than 10 years ago should update their information on the cards, if there are any changes.

Govt Asks Aadhaar Card Holders To Immedietely Update Their Information: Is Your Aadhaar 10 Years Old?

This notice has been released by the government organization which issues Aadhaar numbers, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

Govt Issues Notice – Aadhaar Information To Be Updated

The UIDAI announced that Aadhaar holders who obtained the unique ID more than ten years ago and have not updated their information since then are urged to do so. This includes updating documentation that proves your identity and address.

Citizens will be able to make the changes both online and in Aadhaar centers, as confirmed by UIDAI.

The statement is a “request” to update documentation, and it is being made to those who acquired their unique identity number more than ten years ago and haven’t done so since.

There is no information if this update is compulsory or not.

As per the statement, “Any person who had got their Aadhaar made 10 years back and not updated the information in any of the subsequent years are being requested to do document updation. This facility can be accessed on My Aadhaar portal or by visiting nearest Aadhaar centre.”

Once the fees have been paid, Aadhaar card details, viz., the identification document and proof of residence will be completed.

Aadhar uses a person’s iris, fingerprint, and photos to establish identification.

Aadhaar Compulsory To Avail Subsidies

As per a recent circular issued by the government, it will be mandatory for people to have a valid Aadhar card to avail the services of subsidiaries provided by the government. According to the circular, even though there are over 99% adults in India with an Aadhar card issued, a lot still do not have it.

The Govt office Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which issues Aadhar, has mentioned in its Aug 11-issued circular that only those citizens with an Aadhar card or an enrolment slip of the same, in case they do not have an Aadhar card, will be allowed to reap the benefits and subsidiaries provided by the Centre.

The Govt body has sent this circular to all central ministries and state governments in the past week. The main purpose of issuing such a circular is to encourage all the citizens in the country to have an Aadhar card made, which has a lot of benefits and tighten the rules around the ones not having it.

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