TCS Is Killing Work From Home: ‘Medical Certificate’ Needed For Working From Home, From TCS Doctors!

While people are debating on moonlighting, the country’s largest IT company, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is gradually ending the work from home culture.

TCS Is Killing Work From Home: 'Medical Certificate' Needed For Working From Home, From TCS Doctors!


TCS Ending Work From Home

It seems that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is planning to go back to work from the office (WFO) model by December 2022. 

Prior to this, the company had asked its employees to come to the office three days a week. 

As the IT major is operating in a hybrid model where employees are required to be physically present at work thrice a week. 

Now taking the further steps, the IT service provider has made an important announcement for the employees to end the work from home system.

Need Of Medical Certificates

From now on, TCS will provide work from home for only those employees who will submit authentic medical certificates. 

As part of this policy, employees will have to give details of their illness or health-related problems, if they need to continue working from home.

Some media reported that employees have been asked to show medical records like diagnosis, treatment and medical certificates if they want to continue working from home. 

They will have a panel which will verify will include doctors from TCS, as per the report.

Basically, the doctors in the panel will decide if the employee is able to come to the office or not. 

Once these doctors are done with their analysis, TCS will allow work from home to the employee. 

Non-Compliance Will Be Taken Seriously

It appears that the company wants to crack down on employees making excuses for work from home, with this implementation.

In the same regard, an internal mail sent by the HR department of TCS clarifying that work from home culture will not be encouraged. 

Further claiming that the cases of non-compliance will be taken seriously and necessary action may be taken.

Reportedly, this new rule is already applicable from October 10. 

HR said, “Any non-compliance on or after 10 October 2022 will be viewed seriously, and administrative measures including placing you on leave may be applied,” in one of the emails.

It is noteworthy here that the employees with medical clearance may still need work from the office based on “business requirements”. 

Tracking Employee Attendance

The company is tracking employee attendance, and those not coming to work at least thrice a week are being asked to get themselves rostered. 

 “We have been encouraging our associates to return to offices for some days in a week. [A] significant number of our employees are already doing so. We have always placed associate well-being as a paramount factor and have robust processes to support our associates as required,” a TCS spokesperson said while speaking about the WFO new rule.

Prior to this, The IT giant was talking about moving away from the WFH structure in a phased manner, which is in line with its 25×25 model. 

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