Google’s 1st Smartwatch Officially Launched: Costs 60% Less Than Apple Watch! (Check Features, USPs, Pricing Of Google Pixel Watch)

The new Google Pixel Watch is the first smartwatch from the search giant with a round dial, has been unveiled.

Google's 1st Smartwatch Officially Launched: Costs 60% Less Than Apple Watch! (Check Features, USPs, Pricing Of Google Pixel Watch)

During May this year, it was first unveiled at the Google IO event.

Google Pixel Watch Launch

This latest Pixel Watch smartwatch seems to be Google’s answer to Apple’s popular Apple Watch series that only works with iPhones. 

But this Pixel Watch makes a difference as it can work with other Android smartphones.

Interestingly, it is said to work more efficiently with its Pixel phones, similar to the Pixel Buds earbuds.

Aligning with the company’s sustainability goals, its new Pixel Watch dial is made with 80 percent recycled stainless steel as Google claimed. 

Google Pixel Watch Features And Specifications

The smartwatch’s dial is offered in three color options including black, silver, and gold. 

Besides this, the users can also upgrade the smartwatch with different coloured bands.

Coming to the prices, this Pixel Watch from Google is priced at $349 (roughly Rs 28,600) for the Bluetooth variant and $399 (roughly Rs 32,700) for the LTE variant. 

So far, its India-specific pricing details are not clear but individuals can pre-order this watch from selected countries starting October 6.

If we compare this with the Apple Watch, its Series 8’s price in India starts at Rs 45,900. 

At the same time, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 with custom WearOS costs Rs 27,999 in India.

Coming to features, the Google Pixel Watch features a round 3D glass dial with touch support. 

The Google Pixel runs on WearOS and it is noteworthy here that  Google is also bringing features from the Fitbit band which is a reputed fitness wearable maker it recently acquired. 

The search engine provider claims that its Pixel Watch delivers the best of both a fitness tracker and a smartwatch with its on-device ML (machine learning) capabilities. 

This watch also provides a daily readiness score that is available on the Fitbit Charge 5 and newer smartwatches. 

Notably this feature is behind a paywall, but customers will get six months of free Fitbit premium subscription with the watch.

Google wants to remind that the Pixel Watch claims to offer the most accurate heart rate tracker. 

When it comes to similarities, same as Apple Watch, it has fall detection.

Talking about its core, there sits WearOS that powers several smartwatches by Samsung and Fossil. 

This simply implies that Google Pixel Watch users can download some third-party apps like Spotify and Strava on the watch itself. 

In addition to that users can also check notifications from Google’s in-house apps like Maps and Gmail. 

With a battery life of a full day, there’s also the option to control Nest devices with the watch.


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