Govt Issues Alert Against Fake Jobs In Thailand; Rescues 32 Indians Who Were Stranded In Remote Myanmar

There have been many cases of people in India being lured into attractive job offers outside the country, only to find out that they have been stranded on a foreign land without money or any means, duped of lakhs of rupees.

Govt Issues Alert Against Fake Jobs In Thailand; Rescues 32 Indians Who Were Stranded In Myanmar

As per a recent report, around 32 nationals of India were rescued by the country’s authorities, who were left stranded in a remote part of Myanmar in the guise of being offered profit-making jobs in the IT setor.

The country’s authorities have also informed working along with those from Myanmar and Thailand to retrieve more 60 stranded in the same region.

Here’s everything you need to know on the development.

Fraudulent Job Opportunities Provided to Indian Nationals

Arindam Bagchi, the external affairs ministry spokesperson, informed last week that there are certain fraudulent companies in the IT sector engaged in luring Indian nationals into jobs and duping them off lakhs of money.

These counterfeit IT companies are engaged or deeply-rooted in forged crypto and digital scamming activities, and attract Indian nationals by appointing agents based in India, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), stated the ministry spokesperson.

He added in a news briefing last week that such companies appear to operate from their agents based in cities like Bangkok and Dubai, along with Indian cities to recruit workers based in India, on the pretence of “employment opportunities in the IT sector in Thailand”.

“The workers are lured with social media advertisements of highly lucrative data entry jobs in Thailand. Unfortunately, these workers are then illegally taken across the border to the Myawaddy area of Myanmar, which is difficult to access due to the local security situation”.

Indian Authorities’ Role in Retrieving Stranded Nationals

32 of such Indian nationals stranded in Myanmar and Thailand have been rescued from ‘captivity and forced labour’ by Indian missions and the authorities are working with the Indian embassies based in these countries to retrieve the others stranded there too.

“We are trying to help others. We would urge Indian nationals to exercise extreme caution before taking up such job offers. It may also be mentioned that the visa on arrival scheme in Thailand does not permit employment,” said Bagchi.

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