This Indian Unicorn Is Offering Unlimited Paid Leaves For Employees!

This Indian Unicorn Is Offering Unlimited Paid Leaves For Employees!
This Indian Unicorn Is Offering Unlimited Paid Leaves For Employees!

As per the latest development, the ecommerce unicorn, Meesho has come up with a new unlimited paid leave policy for medical and mental health reasons. 

Meesho Unlimited Paid Leave Policy

As part of this policy, now employees can avail up to 365 days of paid leave.

Notably, this will be applicable if the employee or a close family member requires frequent or constant hospitalization due to a critical illness.

It appears that the initiative is part of Meesho’s comprehensive MeeCARE programme.

This program has been designed with an aim to boost holistic well-being for Meeshoites and their families.

Under this policy, the employees are entitled to get full salary for the entire period of their illness.

Also, they will get 25 percent of income for up to three months in the case of illness of a family member. 

Who Gets The Benefits?

Apart from the financial compensation, employees will continue to receive additional benefits such as insurance and provident fund deposits.

This policy will also be beneficial for the employees who wish to take time off to pursue individual goals as well.

But, it is not applicable for general, non-medical leaves.

The CHRO at Meesho, Ashish Kumar Singh said, “We were seeing cases where employees needed long leave for pursuing personal goals, or needed extended time off if they were ill, or if a family member was critically ill. This new policy is a recognition of those needs,”.

Other Benefits

Further adding that they don’t expect to see many employees availing this policy, but hopefully it can be a high-impact benefit for those employees that need it.

Besides this, the employees will also be eligible for appraisal cycles based on the contributions over the timeframe when they were actively working, as part of the continuation of all the fundamental benefits. 

If employees need to opt for this scheme then a seamless application process is already designed by the firm.

The employees simply have to raise a request on its HR management portal which will be immediately taken care of by the respective managers, as per the company release.

The ecommerce has recently raised $300 million led by Softbank last year to become a unicorn.

Its current employee strength is around 2,000 people despite the recent layoffs.

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