Bank Employees Demand 5-Day Work Week; Announce Strike On This Date

Bank Employees Demand 5-Day Work Week; Announce Strike On This Date
Bank Employees Demand 5-Day Work Week; Announce Strike On This Date

Such an irony! When the world is debating about the pros and cons of adopting a four-day workweek, hundreds of thousands of bank employees in India are still struggling to get a five-day system.


Bank Employees Strike For Five Day System

Demanding the same, almost nine unions of bank employees will go on a day’s strike on June 27, reportedly

They are asking for a time off every Saturday and Sunday.

According to them, the technology at the disposal of banks would allow a smooth transition to a five-day workweek.

The general secretary of the All Indian Bank Employees Association (AIBEA), C.H. Venkatachalam said, “We have been talking to all stakeholders for the last seven years. But things have not moved as desired. A five-day work week is a basic demand from us and it’s for the betterment of health, and work-life balance of bank employees,”.

RBI, LIC Working Five Days! Why Not Bank Employees?

The general secretary of the National Confederation of Bank Employees (NCBE), S.K. Bandlish said, Bank employees in India are still working six days a week when other countries are debating the need to shift to a four-day workweek.

Further adding, “The money market is working five days, RBI (Reserve Bank of India) is working five days and LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) too has shifted to a five-day workweek. Why are bank employees still working for six days a week,”.

“With digital India, banking available in alternative channels, a five-day (workweek)demand is just and needs acceptance,” he said. 

Working On Alternate Saturdays

Prior to this, the Bank employees started working on alternate Saturdays around seven years ago. 

Since 2015, Bank unions have been demanding that they be given time off on all Saturdays and Sundays.

Venkatachalam said, “We have been seeking this for seven years. But we have not progressed,”.

According to Bandlish, the unions have taken up the issue with the Indian Banks’ Association and the government. 

Besides this, Bank unions are also demanding scrapping of the NPS and going back to the old pension system.

They have informed the Central Labor Commissioner (CLC) under the union labor ministry about the demand and their planned protest this month-end, and are expecting a hearing soon.

While signing the 10th Bipartite Settlement in 2015, it was agreed that introduction of a five-day banking week would be considered, the forum said.

Then the issue was taken up during the 11th bipartite settlement talks, but could not be resolved.

Four-day Workweek Implementation In UK

From June 6, employees of 70 companies across the UK started a four-day workweek. 

This six-month pilot experiment is billed as the largest of its kind.

Several companies across the sectors, ranging from financial services to hospitality, are participating in it.

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