The Rise Of Tonic Water In India: Top Tonic Water Brands That Are Splashing The Market With Innovation!

The Rise Of Tonic Water In India: Top Tonic Water Brands That Are Splashing The Market With Innovation!
The Rise Of Tonic Water In India: Top Tonic Water Brands That Are Splashing The Market With Innovation!

Gin is In! After years of shying away from it , Today India has become one heck of a spirited country. 

Topping the charts in consumption of brews and distills of all kinds Gin has become the new favourite of the average Indian binger .

If whiskey can be old fashioned , Gin and Tonic is classical . With multiple brands off shooting in production, the components of this concoction that the young India has found a new love for , this cocktail has made its way from the armed services’ clubs to the bars and tables of any pub.

However this magical matrix is incomplete without its major mixer – Tonic Water. Conjured up by the British as a cure to Malaria ,  Indian Tonic Water is essentially quinine mixed with soda and sugar to soften up its original bitterness. ¾th of an ideal drink is the mixer , hence its perfect to be picky about what you choose to get the smoothest sip.  Here are some brands that will ensure the tonic is in symphony to the gin :

Malaki  : Letting luscious bubbles cascade down the throat , their botanically brewed , locally made tonic waters have purely sourced quinine in them that deliver the perfect crisp taste in every sip. Bent on bringing a gin -volution ,founders Ashish Bhatia and Mohit Bhatia bend the basics by bringing in canned heats of signature tonic waters that have zero sugar and robust blends of Arabica coffee in them.  They remain inclined towards carving a niche for themselves in the beverage space by offering multitudes of other premium drinks to please every palette.

Svami : One of the most popularly available tonic waters in stores, online and offline, this Mumbai based brand vouches to make the fate of the drinks you mix it with , nothing but delicious! Boasting a portfolio of colorfully packaged drinks that you can’t refuse to pick up from the aisle they are adding to the craft tonic water space by bringing in a burst of flavours that can be permutated and combined with any spirit or beverage , even tea. Lime , Cucumber , Ginger You name it , they have it.

Sepoy and Co. : This opulently packaged bubbly originating from Delhi has claimed its place on the scene just in time with its artisanally crafted tonic that has won multiple awards. In blended with aromatic spices , essential oils and obviously quinine, Sepoy and Co. have aced the mixer game with their classic and flavoured varities. Visiting their website you even get recipes to concoct the perfect Cosmo or Gin and Tonic.

Jade Forest : Driven by  the simple philosophy to use fresh ingredients and craft consciously,  their minimalistic range of tonic waters,  provides any  binger and connoisseur alike with the option to upgrade any nip or shot of their  favourite malt or distill into a fancy cocktail. Downright from the process of  ideation , up until its creation, the makers of this bubbly, whisk in an excursion to the nature that takes it lovers from tufts of green grass to crushing leaves all through a bottle of Jade,

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